5 Unbelievable Ways To Live A Smart Lifestyle

6 PM. You enter the house after a long, tiring day. The first thing you say: “Alexa! Switch on the appliances.” With technological development and AI, switching on your appliances is only a command away. How cool is that! Initially built to attract homeowners, smart homes have become a necessity. From appliance automation to child security, smart homes are a part of one’s smart lifestyle. Newer developments in technologies like AI and IoT and the push for socio-economic powers are all set to serve as a breakthrough for an upgraded smart lifestyle. Very few real-estate builders in Mumbai create smart living environments when they build new properties. The ongoing trend of “working from home,” especially when you have kids and elders, has paved the way to adopt a convenient approach to hassle-free life. No more losing keys when you have a smart door lock, and the advantage of remote security tracking, especially when traveling. What a relief!


“The Indian Automation market is all set to reach  USD 3.58 BN in 2026 at a growing CAGR OF 15.13%.”

Why smart homes? With every home becoming a smart home in the next 10 years, here is the answer! Check out some suggestions to start leading a smarter lifestyle:

Automating All Appliances:

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Appliances consume a major chunk of the power supply in any home, so the first step to reducing your carbon footprint is saving power. From programmed lights to automatic air conditioners, from smart curtains to smart dishwashers, the appliances world is changing, and so should we. Let’s see some of the smart home appliance automation options.

1) Smart Lights and Air Conditioner–

Enjoy the smart perks, as you can now switch on & off the lights and air-conditioners through the ease of a simple application. Then there are external devices like Amazon Home that create the same magic.

2) Smart Curtains–

These are available as an added feature to the existing curtains, and these can be controlled via a remote or voice command. These curtains are an excellent addition to your home for those cozy times when you want to lay in bed.


3) Smart Robot Cleaner–

A robot-like vacuum available on the market can clean your flat by just scanning it without you even asking for it. These robots track all kinds of dust and also detect metal, so all things lost can be found without you tearing your hair off! Pretty Smart, huh?

4) Smart Switches–

An upgrade from manual switches, these smart switches are stylish in how they look and will make it much easier for you to operate all appliances.

Smart Power Technology:

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Undoubtedly, smart technologies will make your life easier and contribute to saving the environment. With multiple ways to generate free power, these technologies should be one’s first preference when choosing a home. For example – Solar panels are one of the most common ways to generate free power, especially in bigger complexes,  apartments, and societies. Powering your homes with solar energy can be a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative.

And if you’re looking for a home that supports green living and has a financial upside, you’re on the right page. Because at AsmitA Grand Maison, we have solar panels installed all over the complex to power the common foyer and public areas, a house that truly ticks off most things from your dream home checklist. With the Indian Government bringing in more paid schemes for houses generating extra electricity via solar panels or wind power, this is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Smart Security is Your Best Investment:

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‘With more power comes more responsibility, and hence with the use of technology, we must also concentrate on safeguarding our loved ones via different means. Here are some gadgets you can use to protect your family:

1) Safety 360 Camera–

Camera Camera on the wall; Who is the smartest of them all? The Camera in itself is the smartest of us all because not only does it record all the activities happening outside your door, but it also gives you timely intimations in case of something suspicious. Furthermore, it is powered by wi-fi and stores the data 24*7, thus helping you keep your family safe and secure.


2) Smart Locks–

Not proud, but we lose keys so often it has become a daily ritual. If you are in the same boat, then, smart locks are what you need! These locks allow access via your thumbprint and can be controlled via an application. Say goodbye to traditional keys and hello to a new level of security with the Smart Home Door Locker system in this modern 2BHK flat in Mumbai‘s Asmita Grand Mansion.

3) Smart Doorbells–

Even doorbells talk! How cool is that? These smart doorbells don’t just buzz, and they also include mini-cameras that help trace minimum activity and alert you to strangers trying to enter your house.


Switch To Electric Vehicles:

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Electric vehicles are the future!

“The Centre has proposed moving to 100% electric vehicles by 2030, though the auto industry has recommended that the country should target 40% of personal vehicles and 100% of public transport vehicles to turn electric by then”

With fuel prices soaring high daily, not only is an electronic vehicle the most economical choice, but it also reduces your carbon footprint by 50%. Want to make a change? Well, now is the time.

At AsmitA Grand Maison, we have a fully powered EV Charging station, making it convenient for you to charge your vehicles in the safety of your housing complex.

An Application That Does It All:

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Smart applications help you control all your devices, from security to appliances, from ordering items to calling service professionals, and whatnot! What else do you need to live life comfortably in this digital era? And before we add more cherries to the cake, we have something so extraordinary that’s perfectly designed, keeping in mind the everyday needs and conveniences of modern homebuyers.

Yes, we are talking about an all-in-one application, MY ASMITA APP, a unique technological innovation for the residents of AsmitA Grand Maison. It has everything in a single application, making it a one-stop app your phone needs. This is how MY ASMITA APP plans to add value to your life:

Constant updates to strengthen the security of your home. Child security notifications that give you the time your child left and arrived at the premises. Hassle-free management of water and electricity supply. One-click bill payments for all kinds of services. Book slots for different events in and around AsmitA Grand Maison. Doorstep delivery for all your daily grocery needs. It makes the process smooth for you at AsmitA hospitals and AsmitA Educational institutes. Planned community-building exercises, which give a feeling of family in the neighborhood.

Technological inventions help us not only make our lives easier but also secure. With the rise in these advancements, the idea is to make the smart switch to upgrade your lifestyle while reducing your carbon footprint in multiple ways. Select smart homes that are fully equipped and help you upgrade yourself and your beloved home.

Know more about why Smart Home technology can be a game-changer!

AsmitA Grand Maison in Mira Road is truly an example of the life you deserve, where everyday living becomes effortless, and you have more time to relax and live extraordinary lives. If you are looking for flats in Mira Road, AsmitA Grand Maison is the best property incorporating smart and innovative technology. We hope this article has helped you have a brief insight into why smart homes are the futureWould you prefer a smart life over a conventional one? Tell us in the comments below.

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