Residential Projects in Mumbai

We strive to redefine the concept of luxury living and offer experiences that are nothing less than your dreams at an affordable price. Besides changing the skyline of Mira Road with our successful delivery of exceptional residential projects in Mumbai, we are passionate about meticulously curating every detail, from the location to the amenities and everything in between.

Discover the ultimate luxury living experience in the heart of Mira Road with AsmitA Grand Maison.  Our 1 & 2 BHK smart homes are the epitome of opulence and comfort, designed to provide you with the lifestyle of your dreams.  With brilliant connectivity and impeccable design, this unique development boasts over 35+ luxurious amenities and is beautifully secluded in its own urban oasis.

Homes at AsmitA India Realty boast quality construction, modern amenities, and high-end security to give you the life you deserve. We believe your home should be more than just a roof over your head – it should be a place where you can thrive, create memories, and build your future.

Explore the best of both worlds with shopping, dining, education, healthcare, and culture just a few steps away from your doorstep. At AsmitA Grand Maison, modern city living has never been more alluring. Designed to the highest standard with quality finishings and flooded with natural light, AsmitA Sand Dunes 2 & 3 BHK apartments give you the luxury of owning 3 Bathrooms in a 2 BHK flat. Conveniently located in the best neighbourhood of Malad, this property has been nothing less than the epitome of what you call an affordable luxury home in the city of dreams. 

7 Shops & 7 Office Spaces for Sale

7 Shops & 7 Office Spaces for Sale
  • 682-918 Sq. Ft.
  • 2023
Revealing Soon

Premium Space In The Best Neighbourhood

Mira Road
Premium Space In The Best Neighbourhood
Premium Space In The Best Neighborhood Commercial space at a renowned AsmitA Universal High School
  • BHK
  • 1400 Sq. Ft.
  • 2022
Na Na

Eleven Exclusive Properties At Asmita Sand Dunes

Eleven Exclusive Properties At Asmita Sand Dunes
Find these commercial real estate listings for sale in the bustling neighbourhood of Malad. With its unique positioning and exclusivity, the opportunities available are unparalleled.
  • INR 50,000
  • 421.79 Sq. Ft.
  • 2022

AsmitA Grand Maison

Mira Road, Mumbai
AsmitA Grand Maison
A smart residential real estate of 420 modern apartments in Mira Road.
  • 1 & 2 BHK
  • 728 Sq. Ft.
  • 2022
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Commercial Space For ATM

Mira Road, Mumbai
Commercial Space For ATM
This spacious commercial property for ATMs in Wockhardt Hospital.
  • INR 50,000
  • 125 Sq. Ft.
  • 2022

AsmitA Sand Dunes

Malad West, Mumbai
AsmitA Sand Dunes
A remarkable project of 76 luxurious apartments in Malad West.
  • 2 & 3 BHK
  • 1127 Sq. Ft.
  • 2010

Ongoing Residential Projects in Mumbai

At AsmitA, we take pride in being one of the leading developers of residential projects in Mumbai. Our headquarters are strategically located in the bustling investment hub of Mira Road, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying the latest trends and opportunities in the real estate industry.

Step into the exclusive world of AsmitA Sand Dunes and AsmitA Grand Maison; our highly sought-after properties embody the perfect blend of opulence and functionality. Our team of experts has meticulously crafted these homes to ensure they meet the needs and aspirations of even the most discerning homebuyers.

And that’s just the beginning. At AsmitA, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers, constantly exploring new avenues and technologies to enhance our offerings. With AsmitA, you can trust that your investment in real estate will be wise, giving you a lifetime of comfort, luxury, and peace of mind.

Completed Residential Projects in Mumbai

At AsmitA India Realty, we take pride in our proven track record of completing 3500+ apartments and our extensive portfolio of 49 successful real estate projects in Mumbai. Thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.

We believe that your home should be more than just a place to live – it should be a space that inspires and elevates your lifestyle. That’s why we are dedicated to creating exceptional living experiences that exceed your expectations. We understand that our choices impact tomorrow’s world and are committed to building a better, more sustainable future for all.

Flats by Location

Welcome to AsmitA India Realty, your go-to destination for finding affordable, high-quality homes in Mumbai. Indulge in the luxury of choice with our extensive portfolio of residential projects in Mumbai, offering many properties in diverse localities like Malad and Mira Road. We take immense pride in presenting a wide range of exquisite homes that will surpass your expectations.
Our homes are designed to meet your needs and budget, providing you with the perfect living space you can call your own. Whether you’re looking for a spacious apartment or a cozy studio, we have various options. With great connectivity to the City, through trains and a mainline station, Mira Road is well connected and ideally situated to explore the best of Mumbai, both day and night.
Our team will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect home that suits your needs and budget. With AsmitA India Realty, you can be assured of finding the best homes in Mumbai.

Flats by Configuration

Our portfolio boasts an extensive selection of thoughtfully designed living spaces that include 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK apartments, providing you with a wide range of options. Whether you’re a young professional seeking a cozy space or a growing family needing more room, our homes are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
We are committed to ensuring a comfortable and luxurious living experience that reflects your style and personality. From spacious balconies and elegant interiors to world-class amenities and stunning views, our residential projects in Mumbai aim to enhance your quality of life and give you a sense of belonging.


What are the ongoing residential projects in Mumbai by AsmitA India Realty?

AsmitA India Realty has two prestigious development projects. The ongoing project offers luxurious 1 & 2 BHK smart home apartments at AsmitA Grand Maison in Mira Road. Call us today on 1800 572 4323 to be a part of one of the best residential projects in Mumbai.

Which are the completed residential projects in Mumbai by AsmitA India Realty?

At AsmitA India Realty, we have a remarkable portfolio of 48 completed residential projects in Mumbai, including the iconic-

  1. Asmita Hill View 
  2. Asmita Ascon Acres I
  3. Asmita Ascon Acres II, III and IV
  4. Asmita Sameer 
  5. Asmita Shernaz 
  6. Asmita Ansar
  7. Asmita Aisha
  8. Asmita Ankur
  9. Asmita Shivam
  10. Asmita Kanchan
  11. Asmita Satyam
  12. Asmita Denzil
  13. Asmita Cosmos
  14. Asmita Blue Haven
  15. Asmita Malhar
  16. Asmita Meghna 
  17. Asmita Ashirwad
  18. Asmita Sheetal
  19. Asmita Breeze
  20. Asmita Benhur
  21. Asmita Premium
  22. Asmita Anita Complex
  23. Asmita Vintage I and X 
  24. Asmita Vintage IV and V 
  25. Asmita Rivera VII VIII and IX 
  26. Asmita Rivera VI
  27. Asmita Heritage II and III
  28. Asmita Daffodils XV
  29. Asmita Horizon V
  30. Asmita Regency I 
  31. Asmita Regency II
  32. Asmita Orient 
  33. Asmita Singapore Plaza
  34. Asmita Lotus Rose Jasmine 
  35. Asmita Daffodils XIII and XIV
  36. Asmita Elegance 
  37. Asmita Orchid 3 
  38. Asmita Orchid 2
  39. Asmita Orchid 1
  40. Asmita Pearl
  41. Asmita Uphaar 1, 2 & 3
  42. Asmita Crystal
  43. Asmita Garden 1 & 2
  44. Asmita Amrit
  45. Asmita Sagar
  46. Asmita Cresent
  47. Asmita Abhishek
  48. Asmita Sand Dune

What are the factors driving the real estate market in Mumbai?

Factors driving the real estate market in Mumbai include population growth, demand for housing, limited land supply, infrastructure development, economic growth, government policies like PMAY and GST, and the city’s status as a commercial hub. These factors contribute to the overall growth of the real estate market in Mumbai.

Which Part of Mumbai is most developing fast with Residential Projects?

With its perfect blend of affordability, location, and infrastructure, Mira Road is one of Mumbai’s most rapidly developing localities, with a surge of residential projects in recent years. The area offers a range of affordable & high-quality residential projects that cater to diverse needs and budgets. 

What is the difference between Residential and Commercial Projects?

Residential projects in Mumbai offer living spaces for individuals and families with easy access to essential amenities. In contrast, commercial projects, such as offices and retail stores, are built for business purposes and are located in areas with high foot traffic and convenient access to customers. While residential projects prioritize comfortable living spaces, commercial projects prioritize functionality and convenience for businesses.

Is it possible to sell a flat without registration?

No, selling a flat without registration is impossible, as it is a legal requirement under the Indian Registration Act of 1908. Registering the property provides legal ownership and ensures the sale is valid and legally enforceable. Therefore, completing the registration process to sell a flat is essential.

What documents should you verify when registering your property?

The list of documents to verify at the time of registering your property includes the sale deed, the title deed, the encumbrance certificate, the property tax receipts, the building plan approval, and a power of attorney (if applicable). It is important to do proper research and verify these documents thoroughly to ensure that the property has a clear title and is free from legal disputes or pending dues.

Which documents are required to be possessed while taking possession of a property?

At the time of possession, you should have the original sale agreement, proof of payment of the purchase price, encumbrance certificate, completion certificate, occupancy certificate, and all other documents related to the transfer of ownership. It is important to verify these documents and ensure all necessary formalities are completed before taking possession of the property.

How many homes are built by AsmitA India Realty?

As one of the promising leaders in residential projects in Mumbai, we have successfully completed the construction of over 3500+ residential apartments. Our focus on quality, timely delivery and customer satisfaction has helped us establish a strong reputation in the real estate industry.

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