AsmitA Meghna

Project Information

AsmitA Meghna is an exceptional endeavor that encapsulates the essence of urban living, offering a lifestyle that harmonizes luxury and convenience. Situated within this vibrant locale, AsmitA Meghna presents an intriguing fusion of residential and commercial spaces, where the ordinary seamlessly melds with the extraordinary. Here, residents can luxuriate in modern living while being immersed in industrial dynamism.

AsmitA Meghna reimagines traditional living, introducing a realm where urban sophistication intertwines with everyday ease. It’s more than just a development; it’s a pledge to a bustling city life while providing the tranquility of a serene home.

  • Address 7VP9+7J5, Sai Baba Nagar, Mira Road East, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra 401107
  • Year June 1989
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