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Mumbai, a metropolitan region in Maharashtra, offers top-notch areas consisting of premium real estate developments. Mira Road is a locality infused with smart infrastructure, praiseworthy real estate growth, and exceptional facilities. Due to the sky-high demand for residential and commercial properties in this elite locality, many builders claim to be the best developers in Mira Road. Thus, it becomes complex and time-consuming to separately research each developer to find the top builders in Mira Road. In this blog, we will help you connect with the top builders in Mira Road with other details about the locality.

Best Builder in Mira Road Since 1985

The choice of builder in Mira Road affects your lifestyle in many ways. The durability, furnishing quality, infrastructure, and maintenance of a building depend on its developer. While several builders in Mira Road and Thane promise to offer superior quality properties, not all can be relied upon. AsmitA India Realty, the best builder in Mira Bhayandar, has been serving Mumbaikars since 1985 with its visionary real estate developments. Following are the reasons why AsmitA India Realty occupies a prominent and reputed position in the list of builders in Mira Road, Mumbai:

1) Unparalleled and Visionary Designs:

AsmitA India Realty pays significant attention to building designs in both residential and commercial projects. From material quality to spaciousness, it excels in every aspect. They are known as one of the top builders in Mira Road because of their meticulously curated floor plan, selection of finest quality materials, proper management of hygiene, electric connectivity, fittings, smart furnishing, and excellent choice of area. Prioritising pricing, sustainability, finishing, outdoor view, comfort, modernity, and peace, AsmitA India Realty offers top-notch 1 BHK in Mira Road. This commitment to a futuristic approach in real estate developments makes them the best property developer in Mira Road.

2) Experience of Several Decades:

They have been working on real estate projects since 1985, acquiring the required licences and MahaRERA registration. In these 3 decades, they have served over 15000 clients with luxury residential apartments and profitable commercial developments in Navi Mumbai, Mira Road, and various other regions of the metropolitan city of Mumbai. As one of the best real estate developers in Mira Bhayandar, AsmitA India Realty has made over 3500 premium residential apartments and 200 commercial properties. The design, pricing, and satisfaction assurance attached to every property developed by AsmitA India Realty proves why they are one of the top builders in Mira Road, Mumbai.

3) Attention to Every Need:

AsmitA India Realty caters to high-end residential and commercial 1 and 2 BHK in Mira Road. Besides ensuring excellence in building interior and material quality, they also pay attention to road connectivity, safety, and leisure amenities. All their residential and commercial properties are well-connected to railways, metro, prominent landmarks, hospitals, educational facilities, shopping hubs, etc.

4) Award-Winning Contribution:

AsmitA India Realty is an award-winning property developer in Mira Road. They have received the “Smart Real Estate Project of the Year 2022” by CNBC. They have been featured by various real estate websites and news portals and always rank among the top builders in Mira Road.

5) Excellence That Fits Budget:

AsmitA India Realty also cares about its client’s budgets. All their projects are priced reasonably according to the market standard. They provide properties in various sizes to fit different budget needs and their pricing policy is transparent for the clients to analyse it well before making the final decision. They also help with all the paperwork and legal formalities, justifying the reputation of the top builder in Mira Road.

Real Estate Development in Mira Road

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Mira Road has witnessed unparalleled growth in the past few years. With the ongoing development of new Metro lines, smart infrastructure, and real estate in Mira Road, this bustling town of Maharashtra will experience ever-growing progress. You will find many builders in this well-maintained locality under Mira Bhayandar Municipal Council. Due to high migration to this town from 2016 to now, the property value has increased by 25% in Mira Bhayandar, leading to the increasing number of real estate developers in Mira Road.

If you invest in a residential or commercial property by any top real estate builder in Mira Road, you can expect a high return on investment in terms of sale or rent. The average rent for an apartment ranges from ₹17,000/- to ₹30,000/- per month in Mira Bhayandar. Besides this, it is in high demand because of the hassle-free connectivity, appreciable maintenance, various entertainment facilities, and professional opportunities. AsmitA India Realty, the best builder in Mira Road, Mumbai, offers promising real estate in Mira Road, such as AsmitA Orchid, AsmitA Pearl, AsmitA Orient, AsmitA Uphaar, etc., while AsmitA Grand Maison is a futuristic residential development under construction in Naya Nagar, Mira Road.

History of Mira Road Development

Mira Road is a part of Thane District and a western suburb of Mumbai, located in the northern part of Salsette Island. Its management and safety falls under the control of Mira Bhayandar jurisdiction. Since the establishment of Mira Bhayandar Municipal Council in 1985, this town has gone through many changes, developing from a small agriculture region to Mumbai’s emerging real estate treasure. For the past three decades, this town has been developing at rocket speed with premium housing properties, leading corporate firms, entertainment, tech and IT, healthcare, and educational sectors. The high migration and rising population contributed to the excellent development of Mira Bhayandar. AsmitA India Realty, established in 1985, is the oldest and most reputed builder in Mira Road. They grew with the town and contributed to its progress as well.

Green and Sustainable Builder in Mira Road

AsmitA IndiA Realty is the best real estate developer in Mira Road East not only because of its design, pricing, and amenities but also because of its commitment to the environment. As a responsible property developer in Mira Road, they use sustainable materials for real estate developments. Their ongoing project, AsmitA Grand Maison, comprises solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. It incorporates a sewage water treatment plant, organic waste converter, and EV charging station. In addition, it comprises wet and dry trash chutes, contributing to the sustainable development of Mira Road, Mumbai.

Under Construction Building in Mira Road: AsmitA Grand Maison

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AsmitA Grand Maison is a residential building comprising luxurious 1 to 2 BHK apartments in Mira Road, Mumbai. This under-construction building reflects sustainability and innovation infused with a modern and comfortable urban lifestyle. Developed by one of the Best Real Estate Developers in Mira Bhayandar, this ongoing project boasts apartments in two most sought-after sizes, furnished with smart home equipment like AC and dishwasher. Its smart door lock takes care of residential safety, while the rooftop lounge fulfils relaxation and entertainment needs.

It has a gymnasium, parking area, EV charging spot, FTTH connectivity, green central, a swimming pool, and over 35 amenities to promise 100% comfort and satisfaction. Covering 1.3 acres of green space, this elite project is developed by a renowned real estate developer in Mira Road, Thane. It is well-connected to Navi Mumbai, Vasai, Virar, and significant buildings for easy accessibility to every place of need. You can check out the photo galleries to analyse the excellence of this elite building nested in Naya Nagar, Mira Road.

Bottom Line

Ever since the developments in Maharashtra’s city of dreams, Mumbai has been on the rising side. AsmitA India Realty has been catering to residential and commercial development needs, making its place as the best builder in Mira Road, Dahisar, and Navi Mumbai. They understand every need of Mumbaikars and design the buildings accordingly. Besides understanding the needs of people, they also care about the responsibility towards the environment, which is reflected in their sustainable approach to real estate development. You can book a home tour to witness the elegance, comfort, and luxury suffused in AsmitA India Realty’s projects in Mira Bhayandar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How is the transportation and connectivity in Mira Road?

This city is well-connected to Vasai, Virar, Navi Mumbai, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, and the Uttan coast. Its Mira Bhayandar railway station connects the residents to major parts of the city. In addition, the ongoing development of Mira Road with metro lines 9 and 10 will make transportation better, faster, and more economical for its residents.

2) How is the liveability index in Mira Road?

The liveability index is beyond excellent in Mira Road, especially with the establishment of the sophisticated building by AsmitA Group, the best builder in Mira Road. The locality boasts impressive infrastructure, shopping facilities, entertainment centres, reputed hospitals, highly-rated institutions, companies, etc. In addition, AsmitA Grand Maison, the ongoing exceptional residential project by the top developer in Mira Road East, supports the luxury lifestyle expectations of residents.

3) How to choose a trustworthy real estate builder in Mira Road?

You need to analyse the reputation, experience, licence, building registration, pricing, infrastructure, and amenities offered by top real estate developers in Mira Road. After analysing everything, visit the building and meet the builder to find the best developer in Mira Road.

4) Why is AsmitA India Realty the best builder in Mira Road?

AsmitA India Realty is the best builder in Mira Road for the following reasons:

  • Expertise and excellence of three decades
  • Award-winning achievement and high reputation
  • Smart, elegant, and sustainable design
  • An array of luxury amenities in the elite locality
  • Fair property rates and impressive connectivity