5 Ways Your Home Decor Can Change The Value Of Your Property

  • January 11, 2023

What if you have to walk into a shabby house with paint falling off the wall, dull colours all around, and you see visible leakages everywhere?

Would the house be your first choice? It won’t be, certainly.

All of us believe that our home’s value will increase within 10 years, but it’s not a piece of cake, and therefore we constantly need to remember how important it is to take care of the property and that constant maintenance is the only way forward.

Stepping into a home is like living a dream; thus, giving something warm, convenient, and a well-maintained house will make all the difference to the homebuyer.

‘As we evolve, our homes should too’ is our motto for home decor that needs constant upgrades. And if you’re falling short of ideas, we have what you need; check this- Easy Interior Design Tips For Beginners For A Beautiful Home.

Decorating your house the right way can change how you look at your home. Ask yourself what it is that your property has and what others don’t. Is it warm and welcoming enough for anyone to move in? Accentuate the features that you, as a homebuyer, would want. Remember, you ask for what you deliver!

Real estate developers in Mumbai and builders in other metro cities are constructing properties utilizing premium decor materials to ensure superior quality and luxury standards.

Here are certain ways you can work around the house’s decor, which can elevate its value:


Do you believe that neutral colour codes are the best?

Want something classic that brightens your place while keeping the warm feeling intact? Neutral shades like white, blue, and brown are great options to make it stand out without losing its aesthetic value. Give your home a soft minimalistic look that no homebuyer can say NO to!

Neutral colour code

With everyone having a different taste in design, it is necessary to keep a neutral shade that everyone can use.


Smart and energy efficient appliances for every room:

Smart homes are the need of the hour. Backed by world-class technology that is both time-saving and productive is what makes them different. Smart appliances are also a great attraction to your property. 

Energy efficient appliances in India

They set it apart from other houses regarding security and productivity with new-age energy-efficient appliances in India. They are an added benefit to your home compared to other houses. 

With more than 54 million houses turning into smart homes by 2026, it is an excellent step if you adapt this futuristic technology earlier than others.


Not installing permanent fixtures: 

Everything is fleetingly temporary.

This is something one must keep in mind before installing any permanent structures in the house. The strength of one’s house and already installed structures by society are two things one must think about. When we try to break systems, it just means weakening anything that was done previously.

decorating your house

Interior designers strictly suggest not installing anything permanent because the new owner with a different taste might not like it, and breaking it might cost them extra money.


Make sure it is structurally intact:

A home with leakages or broken fixtures is no one’s first choice; hence, maintenance is the key.

Value of your Property

We often buy a house, but interior maintenance is a challenge for many. If we keep ignoring it for long, it may lead to permanent damage. Maintaining your house’s structure is always advisable for better returns in the future. 


Multi-functional furniture pieces that are space savers.

With our lives shifting 360 degrees with working from home and moving houses, it is always advisable to have moveable and space-saving furniture. A multi-purpose piece will be helpful not just for you right now but also for the new owner.

restoration of structure

The furniture units will make your space look more spacious and cater to your current needs. Also, make sure you cover the little things like Tv wires with something in your home to give it a very polished look. 

Everyone is looking to invest in a luxury property out there. These little tips can help to make your house look chic and contemporary.

We often forget how big of a role a designed room plays on someone as compared to a shabby room. In today’s market, furnished flats are sold at 10-15% more value than unfurnished flats. So, make sure you take advantage of this benefit by making minor changes to your property. 

We’ve outlined all the changes you can make to amp up your property. In the current seller market, it is time to hit the iron rod and make some extra money on your property. 

Let us know in the comments if you found our tricks helpful.


By asmitarealty

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