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  • March 13, 2024

The sports clubs on Mira Road in Mira Bhayandar, Mumbai, have witnessed a rise in demand in the past two years. With families and young enthusiasts seeking out vibrant offerings from swimming lessons to top-notch gyms and sports academies, sports clubs in Mira Road are abuzz, making these facilities more sought after than ever! Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial, and having a home near an all-in-one fitness centre like AsmitA Club offers easy access to staying on track. The goal is to find a sports club in Mira Road that meets your lifestyle needs, whether it’s sports coaching, group fitness classes, gym equipment, or recreational amenities. With the rise in high-quality sportsclubs in Mira Road, you can pursue your favourite activities in world-class facilities at affordable membership plans, all within proximity.

Sportsclub in mira road

Read on to explore the best sports club in Mira Road for families and individuals looking to be a club member as well. We’ll look at Mira Road clubs with great cricket, football, tennis, badminton, and swimming pools.

Factors to be considered while choosing the Club in Mira Road

Type of activities

Mira Road has several sports and fitness centres for different interests and entertainment club offerings. Some sports clubs in Mira Road specialise in swimming, martial arts, or dancing, while others provide yoga, zumba, aerobics, gymnasiums, sports training, and more. Thoroughly research the programmed health and fitness club activities and classes available at the sports club in Mira Road to find ones that match your preferences. Swimming courses, badminton courts, martial arts like karate and taekwondo, and group exercises like aerobics and zumba are available at specialist and sports clubs in Mira Road.

Quality of coaches

The competence and experience of the sports club in Mira Road instructors are crucial to your satisfaction and fitness objectives. Assess coaches’ information, instructional techniques, and backgrounds. Read testimonials and talk to members to better understand the coaching quality before joining a particular fitness club in Mira Road. High standards when it comes to hiring and training coaches usually translate into better results for members. For activities like swimming classes, martial arts, yoga, aerobics, zumba, athletic training, and gym, guidance from seasoned, skilled coaches makes a world of difference.

Swimming courses


Location is a vital factor when selecting a sports club in Mira Road among the many options available in Mira Road. AsmitA Club, strategically located in Mira Road East, is an excellent choice for those seeking a conveniently placed sports club in Mira Road. If the sports club on Mira Road is too far away from your house or business, you are less likely to attend it.

AsmitA Club’s central location allows people to use its world-class facilities in their area for an active and healthy lifestyle. Choose a club within 2-3 kilometres for easy travel before/after work or on weekends. 

Ideally, a club that is located within a 2-3 km radius offers maximum convenience and accessibility whether you are commuting before/after work or on weekends. Whether you have 30 mins or 1 hour to spare, you can readily utilise the facilities if the club is near your home or workplace. For those residing in the flats in Mira Road or have invested in the under-construction AsmitA Grand Maison, options like AsmitA Club, located in Mira Road East, is a great centrally located option providing easy access to its world-class amenities to the residents and everyone around. 

Operating hours

Check the operating hours and schedules of the sports club on Mira Road before joining. The club timing should align well with your daily or weekly routine so that you can make productive use of the sports club on Mira Road. Some facilities open early in the mornings, starting at 5 am, for people heading to the gym or pool before work.

Likewise, many remain open until 10 pm to accommodate professionals after work hours. Choose a sports club in Mira Road with flexible club timing, meaning early morning and late evening time slots that match your needs. Whether you are an early riser or have a late work schedule, look for sports clubs in Mira Road that have different club timing slots that work for you.


The facilities and amenities offered by the best clubs in Mira Road also require due consideration. Inspect the facilities in person to verify they are modern, leisure club programs, well-equipped, spacious, and hygienic. Some clubs like Tuff Sports Club and Fitness Club, and AsmitA Club in Mira Road have ongoing maintenance programs to uphold top-notch facilities across various sports, fitness, and recreation offerings.

Gym in mira road

The best clubs in Mira Road regularly invest in upgrading facilities and providing ample equipment like weights, cardio machines, courts, pools, studio spaces, and other amenities. Keep an eye out for cleanliness and hygiene standards as well since you will be exercising there.


The fees of club membership in Mira Road charged by the best clubs in Mira Road vary based on offerings, location, size, etc. Compare fees and available club membership in Mira Road packages across a few of the best shortlisted clubs in Mira Road before selecting one that fits your budget. Look for discounted rates for couples and families, as well as corporate tie-ups and promotional packages, as a value addition. While fees are important, focus also on the facilities and services offered to ascertain you get full value. Some of the best clubs in Mira Road run member referral programs and loyalty points that could offer savings. Consider prices of club membership in Mira Road, discounts, and hidden fees before choosing.

Reviews and testimonials

Testimonials and reviews from existing members are invaluable when researching a new fitness club in Mira Road. Online reviews on Google and Facebook provide transparent feedback on the club’s facilities, cleanliness, service, activities, staff, and overall experience. The best clubs in Mira Road, with many positive reviews and higher star ratings, tend to offer better amenities, activities, coaching, and member satisfaction. However, be sure to check for recent 2022-2023 reviews as well. You can also request members’ contact details to get direct feedback before visiting the best clubs in Mira Road. This will give you an in-depth understanding of how to make the right membership choice.

Best Clubs on Mira Road

  • AsmitA Club, Mira Road:

AsmitA Club in Mira Road is a family and ladies club in Mira Road with extensive amenities, including swimming pools, a gym, a yoga studio, a sauna, a gym, and a badminton court. The well-equipped gymnasium allows members to pursue their fitness goals through strength training and cardio workouts. 

Swimming coaching in mira road

For those interested in racket sports, the club has badminton courts as well as table tennis facilities. The serene yoga studio hosts invigorating vinyasa and hatha yoga sessions. Martial arts enthusiasts can enrol in karate, skating, taekwondo, and the unique ice pod classes conducted by skilled instructors.

Taekwondo coaching in mira road

In addition to physical fitness, AsmitA Club in Mira Road prioritises overall wellness through personalised nutrition counselling programs. The club creates a lively community atmosphere by organising kitty parties, cultural festivals, and other recreational club facilities.

The family club in Mira Road also provides expert fitness training, recreational club facilities, kitty parties, and cultural festivals in a lively ambience. It is one of the best family clubs in Mira Road. AsmitA Club is a renowned fitness club in Mira Road known for its world-class facilities tailored for families and ladies in Mira Road.

  • Tuff Sports Club and Fitness Centre, Mira Road:

Tuff Sports Club in Mira Road in Naya Nagar, Mira Road, serves families and people of all ages. They have great facilities for cricket, football, tennis, badminton, and swimming programs. The family club provides modern facilities for taekwondo, skating, and more. Mira Road neighbours love Tuff Sports Club’s facilities, competent trainers, and vibrant atmosphere.

  • X9 Sports, Mira Road:

Kanakia, Mira Road’s X9 Sports is a famous family club in Mira Road, mainly for its combat sports and martial arts gym. They provide expert-led CrossFit, MMA, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, judo, gymnastics, yoga, and karate programs. The family club in Mira Road is known for its excellent teaching, well-equipped facilities, and strength and conditioning focus. The operating hours are flexible to accommodate professionals and students. X9 Sports is a great option as a family club in Mira Road for those looking to learn combat sports and martial arts in Mira Road.

  • A K Fitness Gym, Mira Road:

A K Fitness Gym located in Silver Park, Mira Road, offers a range of dance and aerobics classes coupled with gym facilities. Their dance fitness program includes Bollywood, contemporary, and folk options that suit their preferences. For gym goers, they have weight training and cardio equipment. A K Fitness Gym has created a niche for itself as a ladies’ club on Mira Road with its dance and aerobics group classes, making it popular among ladies and young adults on Mira Road.

  • Titan Fitness, Mira Road:

Titan Fitness at Rajmandir Complex on Kashimira-Mira Road East attracts serious gym-goers and fitness lovers. It offers kickboxing, cardio, CrossFit, and yoga with cutting-edge cardio and strength training equipment. Members of fitness clubs in Mira Road may improve their fitness with expert trainers. With its equipment and fitness studios, Titan Fitness is regarded as among the best clubs in Mira Road for gym lovers and fitness enthusiasts.

Wrapping Up

In today’s fast-paced world, physical fitness is not only a trend but rather an absolute need for a well-rounded way of life. Being aware of this transition, Mira Road provides a wide range of opportunities for those who are interested in fitness. These options include multi-sports clubs in Mira Road as well as specialist martial arts schools. AsmitA Club, on the other hand, stands out as the most prominent location for holistic well-being, particularly for families and women.

Find a club that matches your lifestyle needs, whether it’s sports coaching, group fitness programs, state-of-the-art gym equipment, or recreational facilities. The growth of high-quality fitness and leisure clubs in Mira Road allows you to enjoy your favourite activities in world-class facilities at affordable membership prices, all close to home.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which sports club is best on Mira Road East?

AsmitA Club is considered the best multi-sports club in Mira Road East owing to its extensive amenities for sports like swimming, football, tennis, skating, and more. Their facilities and coaching are top-notch.

2. Is there any club providing swimming classes in Mira Road?

Yes, there are multiple clubs on Mira Road that offer swimming classes and different sports club activities for adults and kids, such as Tuff Sports Club in Mira Road, AsmitA Club, and Naga Nagar Club. These clubs have certified coaches and clean, hygienic pools catering to those looking to learn to swim.

3. Is there any Ladies’ Club on Mira Road?

AsmitA Club is a renowned ladies club in Mira Road, providing a host of amenities focused on female members. Their offerings include aerobics, Zumba, yoga sessions, and swimming classes exclusively for women. AsmitA Club also hosts kitty parties and cultural club events.

4. What is the Average Mira Road Club Membership Payment?

Club membership rates on Mira Road typically vary from ₹500 to ₹2000 per month, based on specific services and amenities. To make membership cheap, several clubs provide yearly, corporate, and special discounts. 

5. Which Club in Mira Road provides the Best Membership benefits

Asmita Club is acclaimed for offering unparalleled membership benefits club among the top-tier family clubs in Mira Road. Their members enjoy access to the clubhouse services, swimming pools, steam, sauna, parties, festivals, ladies’ fitness sessions, recreational events, and more. The monthly membership plans are quite economical for the amenities. This world-class club is conveniently located near many residential projects like the upcoming 1 BHK flats in Mira Road and 2 BHK in Mira Road, making it an attractive option for homebuyers seeking a holistic lifestyle.

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