Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Living In The Best Neighbourhood

  • November 23, 2022

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Harvey Milk famously said, “If we wish to rebuild our cities, we must first rebuild our neighbourhoods.” And he was right. 

Sabke Sapno Ka Shehar – Mumbai is filled with densely populated neighbourhoods, and the onus of selecting that perfect one lies on you.

One of the most fast-paced, multicultural, and vibrant cities where everything is possible… except getting a seat on the local train! (We know the struggle, right?)

A good neighbourhood makes a huge difference not just in the house’s value but majorly in impacting your lifestyle. Selecting the right neighbourhood is as important as selecting the right house. 

Now you may wonder, can locality be a factor that affects the price of your property?


“Location is everything. The value of the property will be higher if the location is one that is high in demand. Even if rates are steep in such a location, one must go for it as it will pay rich dividends in the final analysis,” says Kishor Pate, CMD, Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd said to


Per their survey, your area and its location, along with the kind of community you live in, plays the most significant role for any new home buyer. 

The community is what we call “the glue that holds everything together.” It’s supposed to be a place where people can feel safe, and it’s up to us as individuals to ensure that happens. A safe gated community is a stress-free, convenient, secure place for your family and where you can live peacefully.

As they say ‘’You don’t just buy a house, you buy the neighbourhood.” 

For instance, if you wish to rent or sell out your property, a neighbourhood with proximity to educational institutions, medical facilities, retail outlets, entertainment zones, connectivity via roads, metro lines, and railways would attract more buyers and give you good returns,” says Jayesh Rathod, director, The Guardians Real Estate Advisory.

So let us help you in choosing the ideal neighbourhood for your family.

1) Want A Lifestyle Upgrade?

You may believe that you are adjusting as a human, but no one wants to adapt to a neighbourhood that doesn’t match their lifestyle or is not an upgrade from their current one. We always want familiar people, be it of their social status or similar mindset, where you can live peacefully in the community. In India, where most families tend to live together in a gated apartment community, the same community may not be the right choice for a bachelor. 


Now, before we put any more questions in your mind, let us share the life upgrade you can have in the city of dreams. Yes, we are talking about AsmitA India Realty’s latest property – AsmitA Grand Maison, an all-inclusive smart home project on Mira Road located at Naya Nagar, the best residential area in Mira road with numerous facilities and a special mosque and Qurbani area for the members of the community within the premises. It is the perfect smart home your family needs and wants.  

2) Benefits Of Living At The Centre Of It All:

Every town has its bustling central area. The proximity to this ensures good rates for your property while being close to many town facilities. 


From healthcare to education, the town center always has the upper hand.

3) Quick Access To Medical Health Care And Schools:

One of the most important housing features is its proximity to schools and hospitals. This is one of the major (and we cannot emphasize it enough) house-hunting factors. 

In cities like Mumbai, where there is a constant lack of space, finding an apartment with proximity to both is like finding a needle in a stack of hay, but we have something for you!


AsmitA Grand Maison, a smart housing project with a wide range of Luxury flats in Mira Road, gives you the best of everything. With more than two International Schools near fewer than 1 km and a multi-speciality hospitality (Umrao-Wockhardt hospital) located just 90mts from the complex, all your educational and medical needs are at your doorstep.

4) Connectivity To Public Transport And Major Highways:

With the fast-paced life in Mumbai, local transport, especially the infamous local train, is everyone’s best friend! A house close to the railway station is very much preferred by us, Mumbaikars, because that ensures a quick commute and maintains great connectivity. 

Mumbai Local

Connectivity to the main highways, the Western Express Highway or the Mumbai-Gujarat Highway, is equally important in navigating your way through this tedious Mumbai Life!

Mira Road, the best neighbourhood in Mumbai, is a developed town located in the Western Part of Mumbai and known for its proximity to Mumbai and Gujarat, making it an ideal locale choice. When it comes to luxurious living with best neighourhood , 2 BHK flats in Mumbai with world-class amenities are the ultimate choice for those who demand the best.

5) Abundant Entertainment Facilities And 24*7 Safety:

After a long day, all you want to do is laze in the garden or take a relaxing dip in the pool. Is this possible in Mumbai? Mostly not.

In a crowded metropolitan like Mumbai, taking a late-night stroll or a refreshing jog is usually out of the question, owing to both fear of safety and lack of well-maintained places.

That’s why AsmitA Grand Maison, the latest luxury property in Mira Road, has a clubroom, a pool, and numerous health services safely at your doorstep 24*7; these facilities also help in community building and networking among like-minded individuals.

If your aim is a comfortable lifestyle for your loved ones that also boosts their personal growth, a house in a residential complex is the ideal choice for you. The house will not only fulfill your basic needs but will also reap benefits when you wish to sell it. A good neighbourhood is an asset one should value and have to enjoy the home peacefully.


We hope these points will help you make a wise decision!

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