Behind The Scenes Of Some Fascinating Real Estate Stories: Are You Ready?

  • April 2, 2022

Another frantic but hopeful year for real estate, and while the world is trying to keep up with the ever-changing real estate trends, we thought of taking some true real estate stories out of our content trunk.

You’ve landed safely on the land of factoids (facts), so it’s time to level up your talk show, become a real estate buff or just add some fun stories to your collection.

Would you be interested? Okay, don’t answer it now because we bet that the further you go with the blog, you won’t be able to stop thinking about the unbelievable and true real estate stories you’ll encounter.

Whether the historical mansions or luxury homes or traditional home customs to massive property portfolios, the real estate market is wilder and stranger than you probably could ever imagine. It is no wonder that builders in Mumbai are held in such high esteem, as their ability to conceive exceptional and avant-garde designs that beautifully capture the city’s fusion of tradition and modernity is genuinely awe-inspiring, providing a unique built environment for both residents and businesses to thrive in.

Real estate has a life full of awkward, funny, engaging, and bizarre stories to make eyes pop out of one’s head. So, it’s time we pass on to some off-the-best inspirational real estate stories from the real estate world.

You Have Watched Friends But Do You…

huge purple apartment in New York

Remember that huge purple apartment in New York where Rachel and Monica lived their best life? We wouldn’t hide drooling over that beautiful window, the balcony, and the massive living room! If one would want such a home today, they must be ready to pay an exorbitant rent.

Sure, it was 90’s, and things were a bit cheaper. And if you’re wondering about the famous two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment of the West Village in one of the most desirable neighborhoods of New York and what would be its worth in today’s dollars? Approximately $2 million is your answer!

We’re not kidding. Let’s say if you’re a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan, wouldn’t you be willing to buy the same place for any amount. A fan can dream, right?


Do You Want A Secret Passage Too?

Creating the coolest masterpieces - secret passages and more..

Steve Humble, a mechanical engineer, left his medical device industry to create the coolest masterpieces for various real estate projects, from trap doors, secret passages, to hidden rooms.

Creative Home Engineering in Gilbert, Arizona, has already installed over 1000 secret passageways worldwide! So, Steve, how many secrets are you holding onto? Just kidding, it’s just curiosity.

Wondering if that’s possible? 100%. Are you already wishing to own one in your home too? We wonder, what you might hide there? NO, we don’t need an answer!


Life Can Be Short For Homes Too

Old or Vintage Homes in Tokyo, Japan

Every country comes with countless customs and traditions, and when it’s the land of cherry blossoms, it has its own rules too!

13th-century hermit Kamo no Chomei writes: “The bubbles that float in the pools, now vanishing, now forming, are not of long duration: So in the world are man and his dwellings.” If you couldn’t decode that, let us help you! There is no such thing as old or vintage homes in Tokyo, Japan.

The fact is that nearly half the houses in Japan can live as long as 30 years and post which one has to rebuild or reconstruct it. In addition to this, the residential real estate in Japan depreciates over time, which means 25-30-year-old homes are almost worthless. Can we blame the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or tsunamis for this very limited lifespan of houses?

So, you can blow the candles on your 31st birthday, but Japanese homes can’t!!

R.I.P to one of many true but weird real estate stories!


Paint Red, If You Have Paid The Mortgage

real estate stories

Every colour has a meaning, and when it’s RED on doors in Scotland, it’s like a sign of accomplishment.

Have you ever been to Scotland and wondered why the homeowners paint their doors red? It’s because they have paid off their mortgage. Isn’t that interesting? We mean, if you have to show how happy you are, why not CODE-RED!

Are you mortgage-free? Have you reached your milestones? You can pick your colour if you’re not living in Scotland.


Mark Zuckerberg Is Onto Something Huge

MARK ZUCKERBERG IS ONTO SOMETHING HUGE - real estate success stories

The world’s fifth-richest person seems to be on the journey of building land that he would use for farming and ranching. Bringing you one of the commercial real estate success stories that will make you go, “W.O.W.”!

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Pricilla Chan are gradually adding up to a thousand acres of the island of Kauai. They’ve paid $53 million for nearly 600 acres of land on Kauai. This purchase has brought the couple’s total land holdings on the island to more than 1300 acres.

That’s not it; this real estate adds to his massive portfolio that includes a $7 million home in Palo Alto (it might be hard to hear, plus the four he bought surrounding the property); wait, we weren’t done yet, plus a townhouse in San Francisco and his compound in Lake Tahoe, worth $57 million.

Can you smell the love for real estate? Or do you think it’s the love for properties on the Hawaiian island of Kauai? We just want a free trip to Hawaii. Is that too much to ask?


The Bottom Line: Real Estate Stories

Remember, till the time there are stars in the sky, real estate will never fail to give you that high (nothing but a high dose of entertainment and information) rest, we’ll cover later.

Buckle up now that you’ve had a fair share of the bizarre and crazy real estate stories from the team of AsmitA India Realty. Asmita India Realty is a highly regarded real estate developer in Mumbai, offering an extensive selection of residential properties including 1 BHK and 2 BHK in Mumbai. Potential homebuyers seeking flats for sale in Mira Road should take note of the many available options that offer advanced security measures, providing a secure and tranquil suburban lifestyle within the bustling city of Mumbai.

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Try whipping one at your next tea party, open house, or office get-together. If you have more strange, hard-to-believe real estate stories, feel free to add them in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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