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  • March 23, 2023

They say that owning a piece of property in Mumbai is like owning a slice of heaven. But when you’re living in a city that is bursting at the seams, finding that perfect slice can be quite a challenge. With over 20 million people vying for space, the real estate market in Mumbai is a jungle, and only the fittest can survive. Real estate builders in Mumbai are always finding new ways to keep up with the ever-evolving needs of the city’s vibrant real estate industry.

If you’re looking for a property in Mumbai, be prepared to face some harsh realities. The city’s high demand for real estate has caused prices to skyrocket, leaving many residents struggling to make ends meet. And even if you do manage to find a place that fits your budget, it’s likely to be cramped and lacking in basic amenities.

Property In Mumbai

As Mumbaikars know all too well, the struggles of finding a decent place to call home. We’ve seen families living in tiny 1BHK flats in Mumbai where the kitchen, living room, and bedroom all blend into one. Young couples put their dreams of owning a home on hold because of the exorbitant prices added to the frustration of navigating crowded public transport and streets on a daily basis.

But amidst all these challenges, there’s still a glimmer of hope. Mumbai is a city of dreams, and its residents are nothing, if not resilient. We’ve learned to adapt and make the most of the limited space we have. We’ve found creative solutions to our problems, from hanging laundry on our balconies to storing our groceries in every nook and cranny. Turn your Home into something you like with these easy interior design tips and tricks!

Just as Mumbaikars are known for their way with things, they’ve also finally found a place that is grand and spacious and has great 1BHK flats & 2 BHK flats in Mumbai while not breaking the bank. AsmitA Grand Maison, one of the most premium residential projects in Mumbai, is the answer to Mumbai’s ever-growing demands, and here’s why you should choose it:


1) Buy 2 Get 1 Free:

We are not joking! Our 2BHK apartments are loaded with 3 washrooms, and our 1 BHK flats in Mumbai are loaded with 2 washrooms for all your needs without compromising luxury. In a bustling city like Mumbai, where space comes at a premium, finding a spacious and stylish apartment can be a daunting task. But worry not, as our flats at AsmitA Grand Maison will become your favourite 2 BHK flats in Mira Road, Mumbai because we offer a perfect blend of space, style, and serenity.

Property In Mumbai

Known as one of the best residential projects in Mumbai, the large windows invite ample natural light and fresh air, while the tasteful interiors exude a sense of calm and tranquility. It’s like having your own little oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the city!


2) Live Life- Living Room Size:

The 1BHK & 2 BHK apartments at AsmitA Grand Maison are designed to provide a spacious living room, dining area, and kitchen. Who says luxury has to come at a steep price? Our apartments at AsmitA Grand Maison are not only affordable but also loaded with amenities that redefine luxury living in Mumbai. From three washrooms to spacious living rooms, from pre-installed smart home devices to a range of world-class amenities, they are easily the best flats in Mumbai because we’ve got it all covered. 

AsmitA Grand Maison

The bedrooms are also generously sized to accommodate large beds, wardrobes, and other furniture. The large windows provide ample natural light and ventilation, making the apartments feel even more spacious to give you the feel of living at ‘the best property in Mumbai.’ In addition, every room has pre-installed free smart home devices that upgrade your home. Experience the best of luxury living without breaking the bank!


3) Amenities Never Lie:

In addition to the spacious interiors, AsmitA Grand Maison also offers a range of amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, landscaped garden, and children’s play area. Moreover, the complex is well-connected to major areas in Mumbai, making it an ideal choice for families who want to live in a spacious home without compromising on location or amenities.

residential projects in Mumbai

And that’s not all! The project takes luxury living to the next level by offering a ‘smart app’ that helps you manage your daily needs. From ordering groceries to ensuring your child’s safety, the app has got you covered.

So why wait? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the epitome of luxury living with AsmitA. Head to www.asmitagrandmaison.com and book a free virtual tour of your dream home today. Whether you’re looking for a 1 BHK flat in Mumbai or a spacious 2 BHK, we’ve got you covered.

By Eishita Rambhiya

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