9 Smart Home Security Tips For A Safer Home: Your Free Guide

  • August 21, 2022

How would you feel to see your door broken, valuables missing, hard-earned money gone and finally seeing your property screwed up after you return home?

You’d feel devastated, angry and unsafe. You’d run to call your neighbours and police to find out who was behind all that mess, and you feel impatient and irritated because you doubt you’ll get your things back.

Robberies, burglaries and thefts are unfortunately quite common in India. Shockingly, 70% of all thefts in India are home thefts, making home safety a primary concern for Indians. Therefore, we’d recommend our readers stay updated with the best home security tips for the highest security.

Technology has become an integral part of our ecosystems, therefore look beyond traditional ways of safety and upgrade your home’s security to make the whole game more convenient and secured. While it may not be common for even 1 BHK flats in Mumbai to have advanced security features powered by smart technology, there are certain builders who do offer such features to provide enhanced safety and security to their residents. However, the availability and extent of these features may vary depending on the specific builder and the location of the flat.

These may include smart locks, CCTV surveillance systems, and intercoms, providing residents with heightened levels of safety and security.

Let’s check out the extensive list of smart home security tips and tricks in the 21st century-


Video Doorbell For An Extra Layer Of Security

ring wi fi enabled video doorbell, home security tips

If anyone knocks or ring the bell, your video doorbell has got your back. Gone are the days for peepholes. To check what’s happening outside your house premises, get doorbell cameras. Ring wifi-enabled video doorbell is an internet-connected doorbell that will notify your smartphone and other electronic devices on visitor’s entry.

Whether you’re inviting a friend or a foe, your video doorbell will give you a clear sight of who’s outside to avoid any unwanted entries.


Security Cameras Are Saviours

If you want to keep security handy, wireless security cameras are a great way to protect your home in just a few clicks. When triggered, security cameras with built-in sensors detect motion and sound and notify you through emails when activated. You can even schedule the timings for the sensors for any specific hours of the day.

CCTV cameras have built-in humidity and temperature sensors. They can easily connect with smart lightning and other home security equipment’s and devices if you want more features and extra safety. Furthermore, you can have video recordings with a camera equipped with an SD card slot.


Video Surveillance Is An Intelligent Choice

home video surveillance system, home security tips

Travelling and still wants to secure your home? Then, a home video surveillance system is your answer. With the easy accessibility and advancement in technology, you can be around and inside your home virtually from any place.

If burglars attempt to attack your home, the professionally installed video surveillance will record the tragic scene in high definition. The valuable footage will be an excellent resource for police to get hold of the culprit and prevent future crimes immediately.


The Right Use Of Technology For Smart Security

Remember that your wifi router is the key to your smart home; besides investing time in procuring the security devices, it’s equally important to secure it. Create and set strong passwords for all your devices to give a tough time to any hackers or intrusions.

Today burglars are tech-savvy too, so do not underestimate their capabilities to break in through technology. So it’s vital to consider equipment like home alarms, surveillance cameras, video door phones, security cameras, motion sensors, etc., to block all the possible attacks with complex passwords.


Home Automation To Increase Security

best home automation in india

Best home automation in India gives you access to remote control or schedule lights, security cameras, safety devices, smoke alarms, door locks, etc. The real-time updates help you protect your home from burglars, home intrusion or other environmental disasters or accidental situations of water and gas leakages, etc.

Build a more comprehensive system that includes locking all the entries. Improved safety and smart security are some of the main reasons you should opt for a home automation system. And, whether you buy or rent a house, don’t compromise on the level of security.


Improve Your Outdoors And Use Wire-Cut Detection Security Devices

Burglars are used to cutting wires of electricity and security systems once they get the status of the house. Get all your house wiring in excellent quality casing and capping. You can find more about wire-cut detection security devices on the internet.

You don’t want to be a burglar, but it’s wise to think from their perspective so that you can eliminate all the probable spots that might make you more vulnerable to thefts. For example, use fake security signs even if you don’t have a security system to scare them.

Firstly, trim and prune your tall bushes, trees and shrubs because that can become an accessible spot for the burglar to hide. Remove anything that blocks your entrance view (so that you can spot unwanted entries)

If you have substantial open balconies, back yard, etc., having metal bars and grills can keep your home and surroundings safe at night. For any open areas, bars will prevent them from breaking into the space. Such boundaries will give you a higher sense of security.


Install Light Motion Sensors

light motion sensors

Light motion sensors that activate the lights are a great option to warn burglars who aim to be as discreet as possible. Light motion sensors will alert you and your neighbours and act as a super effective deterrent.

Whether you want to illuminate your garage, terrace, garden or driveaway, the light sensor is a fantastic option to secure your property at night. You can even opt for electronically controlled light systems or smart light bulbs that allow you to light the areas at the touch of a button.

To save energy, consider using solar-powered lights.


Smart Locks That Complement The Solid Doors

Your front door will be the foremost part that will attract the eyes and give people entry. Smart locks are a better option than traditional locks. Smart locks remotely control and monitor home entry. You can lock the gates and doors with a click without the need of carrying the keys everywhere every time.

Go for solid doors secured with solid hinges and are sturdy enough to withstand burglary attacks. For extra protection, consider installing a video door phone. In recent times, many real estate builders in Mumbai have begun incorporating smart lock technology into their property offerings to provide enhanced security and convenience for their customers.


Modern-Day Security Safes

home safety lockers, home security tips

A strong, fireproof safe with a code-based locker that can be accessed by you only is a great way to secure your things. Moreover, with advanced security systems, various safes come with alarm systems if anyone tries to press the wrong keys to unlock forcefully. Moreover, the best home safes can seamlessly lock up your precious items like cash, legal documents, expensive jewellery, electronics, etc.


The Takeaway

Protect your home and family from burglars, thieves and intruders with the help of the tips mentioned above. In addition, it’s good to compliment your modern security systems with smart technology for the best security in your paradise.

There are no such things as burglar-proof homes, but following home security tips will go a long way in ensuring your peace of mind and safety of the house.

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