5 Trendy Interior Design Ideas: 2023 Edition

  • January 25, 2023

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.”

– Brian Reed

Interior design trends can sound like a complete oxymoron in the first go because designs are eternal. Interior design trends are an evolving concept, and the industry is also changing as modern consumers look for different products. But the trends we’ve listed here are perfectly forecasted for people who want to build their dream homes in 2023.

Though 2022 was all about soothing colour palettes, soft design elements, space-saving furniture, and a general sense of warmth and serenity, home decor trends in 2023 bring bright, statement-making colours and pieces that add life to any space.

Covid-19 and the entire work-from-home scenario have brought us back to interior design inspirations that have made us fall in love with tranquil, accessible, and minimal spaces with some colours to add life to these spaces. Here are the top five 2023 design trends that you will definitely fall in love with: 

1) Lights Are Your Best Friend:

Paper and fabric lighting are the top design inspiration for all major brands. Materials like fancy paper, silk fabric, and antique fabrics are visible everywhere this year. 

nterior design trends 2023

In addition, layered and smart lighting is gaining popularity as it allows you to create different zones in your space, each with its illumination scheme suiting specific needs in a single touch from anywhere.

2) Paint The Town Green:

Green is one of the most sought-after colours not just as a living room combination but also for furniture and other accessories in the house. Green as a colour is soothing and brings a sense of calm to the home while also keeping it subtle. 

interior style

There’s a dizzying array of shades to choose from—vibrant emeralds to fresh neutrals to fine olives— it is time to make some space for greens that will envelop your interiors in their wrap-around elegance. 

3) Neo-Classic Is The Way Ahead:

French furnishings and frames have been a classic choice since the royal era and are coming back this year. Neo-classism focuses mainly on highly detailed and symmetrical lines. 

interior design ideas for 1 bhk

It is a natural progression after the popularity of mid-century modern as it blends easily with other decor pieces while keeping the home lively and unique. It mainly focuses on elegance and sophistication without being a prominent display of wealth.

4) Old Is The New “New”:

Antique furniture has always held a prominent place in Indian houses, and considering the times we are in, we all want a familiar, warm, and unique piece of art in our homes. 

interior design ideas for living room in India

An antique piece ticks all the boxes one needs in their home and is one of the best interior design ideas for a living room in India. Designers use elements like antique doors, windows, and mirrors as interior design ideas for a 1BHK.

5) A Bright Burst Of Colours:

One of the top design trends of 2023 is bringing back bright colours to your home. Slowly, the soft neutral and whites are wearing off, making space for soothing, poppy, yet warm colours. “The all-white home decor is falling flat,” adds Lindsey Smecker, principal at ESP Trendlab.

home interior design ideas for living roomAll major paint companies have been advertising warm, soothing, and earthy tones as their best-selling colour to avoid giving it a hospital-like feel. It’s your house; you might as well design it how you like it.  

Decorating a home is not an easy task. It involves a lot of planning, thinking, and wandering through endless pages, looking for the best ideas to transform it and help it become more functional and aesthetically appealing. Moreover, we decide how comfortable our homes will be by designing them with certain features in mind. And while there are many ways to decorate your home, smart technology is definitely one of them.

Sustainability and smart homes, as we see, have been a conjunction for all these decor ideas. There are different ways in which people incorporate ideas that help them save time and energy. Smart appliances have also been a rage when building new homes, and we don’t see an end to them as they make your life more convenient, just like the pre-installed devices at smart homes in AsmitA Grand Maison.

This year is about bringing back the forgotten trends or, as we can say, returning to our roots. Now that we have compiled the top interior design trends for 2023 for you with some trendy interior designs, we hope you feel inspired to pursue and incorporate some of these ideas in your home this year. 

If you are looking for a lifestyle change, think hard before you buy into this hype. Ask yourself if the upgrade/overhaul fits your needs and evolving lifestyle. 

Have any trends you would like to share? Please do so with us in the comments below!

By asmitarealty

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