Vastu Tips for Home to attract Good Vibes

Vastu is a traditional Indian architectural system that strongly emphasizes designing aesthetically & pleasing living areas. To promote positive energy flow, it considers elements like building orientation, room placement, furniture arrangement, and color use. It is thought that by following the principles of vastu for house, positive energy can flow naturally throughout a room, encouraging wealth, health, and spiritual harmony. Vastu for house seeks to establish a tranquil, harmonious setting that is in synchronization with the natural forces and energies of the cosmos.

In this blog, you will discover vastu tips for new house that can improve harmony, wealth, and well-being in a person’s life.

Why is Vastu Important?

Vastu for house is essential because it is thought to have an immediate effect on the happiness and prosperity of the people who live in a certain location.

  1. Vastu seeks to establish a harmonious flow of good energy in a living area.
  2. It considers where various rooms are located and how they are used concerning the health of the occupants.
  3. Vastu rules for home also seek to bring wealth and abundance.

Basic Principles of Vastu for Home

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Your house’s rooms should ideally be square or rectangular.

Room fundamentals:

According to Vastu’s tips for a new home, rooms should be spacious, bright, well-lit, and clean. This rule likewise covers the corners of each room.

House Centre:

The room’s center should be clear of objects.

Furniture and Stairs:

Heavy furniture like armoires should be kept facing southwest. Constructing stairs in this direction is a good idea if you intend to construct a duplex home.


Avoid keeping plants and anything that contains water, such as aquariums, water fountains, and paintings, in bedrooms.

Dining room:

Make sure the kitchen is close by and not the front door.

Mirror Position:

It is strictly forbidden to hang a mirror in a bedroom that reflects a fast-asleep couple. If you install one in the bedroom, ensure the mirror does not reflect the bed.

Vastu for the Front Doorway

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Given that it is considered the gateway for energy to enter your home, vastu for the main door or entrance is essential to ensure a good vastu for the house.

Here is some vastu tips for the main entrance specifically:

  1. The main entrance should be facing north, east, or northeast for optimal positive energy flow.
  2. The primary door must be strong and constructed with premium materials. To represent grandeur and plenty, the main door should be bigger than the other doors in the house.
  3. Avoid placing anything in the way of the primary entrance. This vastu tip allows for a free flow of positive energy into your home.
  4. Vastu tips for new home  also suggest putting a Swastika or an Om symbol on the doorway as decoration. You can also add decorative items like rangoli or flowers to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Vastu for Pooja Room

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Vastu tips hold a lot of importance in the Pooja room, sometimes called the sacred area for worship and meditation.

Here are some recommendations for where the Pooja room should be located in a home to ensure positive vastu for pooja room:

  1. Vastu tips believe the Pooja room to be most auspicious in the northeast corner of the house. This orientation is linked to good vibes and spiritual development.
  2. Make sure your pooja room’s roof is constructed in the shape of a pyramid if you stay in a flat or apartment.
  3. Vastu tips for new home also suggest that the Pooja Room should be designed with tranquility and simplicity. Choose soothing hues like white, pale yellow, or pale blue for the walls.
  4. The deities or sacred symbols should face east or west during worship in the Pooja chamber.
  5. The Pooja room provides enough space to store religious texts and things for prayer. To preserve the sacredness of the room in accordance with vastu tips, keep the area tidy and organized. Vastu for pooja room suggests that if there are many idols, make sure there is space between them and keep them at least an inch away from any walls.

Vastu for Kitchen

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Vastu views the kitchen as a crucial space because it is said to impact the family’s health and happiness.

Here are some vastu tips on where the kitchen should be located in a home which follows the principles of vastu for the house:

  1. According to vastu tips, the best place for the kitchen in your house is in the southeast direction. According to Vastu, for the kitchen, this orientation is connected to the fire element, which is crucial for cooking.
  2. Ensure the bathroom or toilet is not next to the kitchen or has a common wall, otherwise  vastu tips will be violated.
  3. Place the gas cooker in the southeast corner of the kitchen for the most beneficial Vastu for the house.
  4. Place the washbasin in the northeast or north direction of the kitchen to follow vastu tips  correctly. This permits the water to flow in a beneficial direction per Vastu principles.
  5. For the kitchen’s walls, cabinets, and counters, select vivid and brilliant colors. According to the Vastu for kitchen, yellow, orange, and green hues are lucky.
  6. The direction of travel for the refrigerator should be southwest.
  7. To follow vastu tips, keep the kitchen neat and clutter-free. Maintaining cleanliness and a welcoming atmosphere requires routine cleaning of surfaces, appliances, and utensils.

Vastu for Bedroom

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Astrology suggests that vastu principles can be used to design a peaceful and tranquil bedroom.

Here are some vastu tips  for bedrooms:

  1. The master bedroom should ideally be placed in the home’s southwest corner. Vastu tips say that this direction is thought to promote stability, calm, and comfortable sleep. Place the bed in the bedroom’s southwest corner.
  2. According to vastu for the bedroom, limit the use of mirrors and technological devices in the bedroom. If possible, avoid placing a computer, television, or exercise equipment in the bedroom.
  3. Vastu tips advise that for the walls and other furnishings in the bedroom, pick relaxing colors. Choosing soft pastel colors, pale earth tones, or blue-based tints is advised.
  4. Ensure the bedroom has adequate ventilation so fresh air may flow through. While allowing for natural airflow during the day, leave the windows closed at night. The north or east walls are suggested for window placement in Vastu.
  5. Vastu tips advise that to bring happiness and positive energy into the bedroom, the child’s room must be built in the west zone of the house, with the door facing east. It is recommended that the bedroom door should open in a clockwise direction.
  6. Ensure the bedroom has a balance between natural and artificial illumination. To restrict the amount of daylight entering your room during the day, use drapes or blinds that are simple to adjust. Add warm, gentle lighting for a cozy, comfortable ambiance in the evenings.

Vastu for Living room & Dining Room

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The living room and dining room must be considered when considering an ideal vastu for a new home because they are frequently used as the main gathering places.

Vastu for Living Room- 

Vastu concepts can also create a peaceful and uplifting living room setting. Here are some home vastu directions tips made especially for the living room:

  1. Vastu tips say that the east of the northeast is the best direction for the living room, followed by the northeast.
  2. In addition to being ornamental, fish aquariums help to maintain equilibrium and harmony in your home. Put them in the living room towards either north or east.
  3.  According to vastu tips, pick calm, relaxing colors for the living room’s walls and furnishings. To create a soothing and pleasant atmosphere, mild earthy tones, pastels, and shades of white are suggested.
  4. Place the sofa or other primary seating pieces up against a sturdy wall. This offers security and support. Vastu tips for new home suggest that the living room’s heavy furniture, including the sofas, should be arranged in the west or southwest corner.
  5. Pick calm, relaxing colors for the living area’s walls and furnishings. To create a soothing and pleasant atmosphere, mild earthy tones, pastels, and shades of white are suggested.

Vastu for Dining Room

  1. If you have a separate area for a dining room, you should place it in the West zone for the greatest outcome. However, the east, south, and north are also helpful home vastu directions. However, stay clear of the southwest region.
  2. Select a dining table that is preferably square or rectangular. According to vastu principles, these shapes represent stability and equilibrium and make your house peaceful.
  3. According to home vastu directions, the dining room space should have adequate lighting and not be too dark.
  4. To make dining in the dining room enjoyable, use warm, welcoming colors. Add components such as live flowers, a centerpiece, or artwork with culinary themes to improve the ambiance.
  5. Maintain a spotless and clutter-free dining space if you want to follow proper  vastu tips. Regularly cleaning the table keeps the dining room clear of clutter and dust. Keep a bowl of fruits, a jug of water, or some food items on the dining table to draw in positive energy and prosperity.

Vastu for Toilet & Bathroom

Vastu tips also apply to the layout and positioning of bathrooms and toilets when it comes to following the principles of vastu for home. Follow these tips that suggest guidelines of vastu for toilet to attain the finest vastu for bathroom:

  1. Because the bathroom generates negative water pressure, its placement is quite important. It will have an impact on the house’s Vastu if it is positioned randomly. Place the bathroom and toilet in the south of southwest, west of northwest, and east of southeast zones for the optimum for following  vastu tips.
  2. Vastu for toilet suggests that it should be placed apart from the cooking and prayer areas to promote good energy flow. Don’t put them next to these places or have them share a wall with them.
  3. Keep the bathrooms and toilets clean and hygienic. To keep the environment healthy and prevent the growth of germs, regularly clean and disinfect the space.
  4. According to the vastu for bathroom, a toilet area should never be on the same level as the ground. However, there are also scientific advantages to doing the same.
  5. In Vastu, a bathroom with a leaky water setup is considered unfavorable for the associated bathroom and toilet. Pay close attention to the appropriate drainage system to avoid leaks or obstructions. Make sure the drainage pipes are installed and maintained correctly.
  6. To allow for the passage of fresh air and prevent the buildup of odors, proper ventilation is essential in bathrooms and toilets. To guarantee proper ventilation, add windows to the north, east, and west walls.

Vastu for Staircase

Vastu tips for houses also cover the layout and placement of staircases. Following are some recommendations for the best vastu for staircases:

  1. The best place for the staircase should be on the west, south, or southwest side of the building. Vastu tips says, the energy flow in the center or northeast corner of the house could be disrupted by building a staircase there.
  2.  It is not a good idea to put a staircase in the center of the house since it would obstruct the sunshine from entering and appear crowded.
  3. As they can collect stagnant energy, places under stairs should be kept to a minimum or avoided altogether according to vastu tips. If there’s a space there, make sure it’s clean, well-lit, and used for anything useful.
  4. Spiral stairs are thought to have a detrimental effect on a home’s energy, according to vastu tips for new home. Because of their harmful effects, they are not advised.
  5. Astrology suggests that the staircase of a west-facing home, or one that faces east, north, or south, should have an odd number of steps, such as 9, 15, or 21. Because they can bring wealth and luck to a house in large quantities, these numbers are seen as lucky.

Vastu for Home Balcony

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The following are some Vastu tips for a home balcony:

  1. The areas of your house facing east, north, or northeast are ideal for balconies. These directions are more likely to receive the morning and afternoon sunlight, which is healthy for us and energizing.
  2. According to astrology and vastu principles, light colors like subdued pinks or blues and earthy tones like soft beige are ideal for the balcony. White is another option for the color of your balcony.
  3. As advised by Vastu for homes, stay away from placing big, heavy furniture on your balcony because it could block direct sunlight from entering your house.
  4. On the eastern and northern edges of the balcony, add tiny plants and other greenery to improve the feeling of being close to nature and give your home  a positive feel.
  5. Maintain the balcony regularly to keep it clean and clutter-free. This keeps the flow of good energy going. On the balcony, set up relaxing seating configurations for guests to enjoy.

Vastu for Home Wall Color

The overall energy and mood of a space can be greatly influenced by the choice of wall colors. According to astrology, following are some general recommendations for choosing wall colors under the vastu for home direction:

  1. White or light blue hues are thought to be advantageous for facing northeast.
  2. Cool hues of blue, green, or pista green are lucky colors for the direction of the north.
  3. Red or red-tinged objects are thought to be lucky when placed facing south.
  4. For the southwest direction, earthy colors like beige, light brown, or light yellow are advised.

Positive energy-emitting wall colors according to vastu for home principles:

According to the rules of vastu for home, some wall colors are thought to produce positive energy and foster a peaceful environment in a home. Here are several hues that are frequently linked to good vibes:

  1. Shades of yellow are considered powerful, self-assured, and communication colors in Vastu for the home.
  2. The environment that Purple Purple produces is ideal for serenity. For a peaceful and comforting night’s sleep, you might use light hues like lavender as Vastu colors for your home.
  3. Green Green relieves tension. Green hues can relieve stress and depression and are considered to be good Vastu colors for homes because they are related to the wood element.

Vastu Plants for Home

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According to vastu for home, adding plants to your home is said to bring in positive energy, enhance the quality of the air, and foster harmony. Here are some plants that are frequently suggested by Vastu for various regions of the house:

1. Money Plant: Because it is thought to draw wealth and prosperity, the money plant is a popular choice for house. It can be put there, next to a safe or cash drawer, or in the southeast corner of the living room.

2. Bamboo Plant (Lucky Bamboo): According to Vastu tips, bamboo is a sign of fortune and good luck. It can be positioned in either the living room or an office.

  1. The peace lily is a plant that purifies the air and is thought to promote harmony and tranquility in the house. It may be put in either the bedroom or the living room.
  2. Holy Basil (Tulsi) is frequently grown in the front or garden and is regarded as being lucky in Vastu for Home. It is thought to spread good vibes, clean the air, and fight off evil spirits.
  3. Snake Plant: The purifying and toxin-removing properties, for home ,of snake plants are well known. The bedroom or any other space where poor air quality is a concern may accommodate it. A Vastu tip is to position it in an area that is not overrun by other plants.
  4. Jasmine is regarded as a plant that promotes happiness, love, and romance. To allow its smell to spread, place it near windows or in the northeast part of the house.
  5. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is regarded as a plant that bestows luck and good vibes. It can be positioned in the home’s north or east directions.
  6. Orchid: Orchids stand for abundance, love, and beauty to boost positivity and attract healthy relationships, they might be positioned in the south or southwest corner of the house.
  7. Rubber Plant: Rubber Plant is thought to bring wealth and prosperity. It can be positioned in the southeast corner of the office or living room.


Vastu is a traditional Indian architectural philosophy and follows the science of astrology. It covers a variety of topics, such as how rooms are arranged, furniture placement, color schemes, and plants. It places a strong emphasis on creating visually pleasant living spaces to encourage good energy flow. Vastu for home can enhance harmony, wealth, and well-being and we at AGM ensure that all homes follow proper vastu tips for home. Following compliance to vastu for home, we at AGM suggest that the pooja room should be at the northeast corner, with the main entrance facing north, east, or northeast.

The southeast is the ideal location for the kitchen, while the southwest is ideal for the main bedroom. White, pastels, and earth tones, among other light and calming hues, are recommended. Positive energy can be increased by adding plants like money plants, bamboo, peace lilies, holy basil, and snake plants.

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