Kitchen Vastu Direction to Harness Positive Energy

  • January 24, 2024

As per Vastu Shastra, the kitchen’s design is essential to harness health and harmony. An optimal kitchen direction layout with mindful placement of the stove, sink, exhaust fan, and appliances is vital. Ideally located in the southeast with the cooking direction as per vastu positioned facing east, sink in the northeast, and refrigerator on the west enables ideal workflow and augmented focus while cooking. Read on to understand the specifics of planning a vibrationally uplifted kitchen that follows all the rules of Vastu further.

Best Direction for Kitchen As Per Vastu

The placement of the kitchen is one of the most important aspects of the kitchen as per Vastu. According to Vastu Shastra, for the kitchen, the southeast direction is considered the best and most suitable for locating the kitchen in a house. This direction represents the element of fire and supports the kitchen appliances and activities like cooking that involve heat and energy transformation. Constructing a modern kitchen in the southeast kitchen, Vastu aligns it with the fiery energy flow, ensuring high productivity and efficiency during cooking. It also activates positive energies that nourish relationships and harmony amongst the family members.

Kitchen Vastu DirectionIf the southeast direction is unavailable, the northwest kitchen Vastu is recommended as the next best direction for Vastu for the kitchen in the northwest. A kitchen in northwest Vastu supports airflow and proper ventilation, enabling the steam and heat to escape freely during cooking activities. However, a kitchen is in the southwest and northeast, as per Vastu. The northeast kitchen can disrupt family relationships, while the kitchen in southwest Vastu can affect health and finances. With the right Vastu and the best kitchen direction, one can experience enhanced focus, satisfaction, and positivity.

Importance of Kitchen Vastu Shastra: Why We Should Follow

It is impossible to overstate the importance of the kitchen as per Vastu Shastra, in Indian architectural sciences for a harmonious domestic environment. Scientific principles underlying this age-old knowledge provide direction for kitchens in accordance with Vastu principles and recommendations for the optimal placement of stoves, storage, and countertops to attract favourable energy flows during the cooking process. Complying with Vastu and the kitchen for harmoniously made kitchen spaces guarantees a better culinary experience as well as the general well-being of the home members.

Stove placement in kitchenVastu and Kitchen Harmony: A Symbiotic Connection

As per the teachings of Vastu Shastra, the kitchen is considered the heart of the house. A well-arranged kitchen in a home that conforms to Vastu Shastra principles, providing sufficient ventilation, space, and light, refreshes and imparts positive energy to all individuals involved in the cooking process. Conscious placement of a Vastu and kitchen in the southeast and the happiness of the entire family signifies the symbiotic relationship that Vastu traditions emphasise as a means to ensure the stability of the household.

Strategic Direction and Cooking Dynamics

As this “agni”/fire element location instils energy, vitality, and inquiry during meal preparation, Vastu recommends building the kitchen in the southeastern corner of any home. A southeast kitchen Vastu ensures an abundance of sunlight, efficient heat diffusion, and continuous smoke ventilation, all of which contribute to dynamic cooking devoid of gas or heat stagnation. The direction for the kitchen as per Vastu, facilitates expedited cooking through efficient fuel utilisation and instantaneous elimination of vapour and fragrances from the cooking area.

Vastu-Compliant Design for Enhanced Aesthetics

To improve the aesthetics of the cooking area, Vastu consultants also engage in interior design and kitchen stove direction as per Vastu. By incorporating colour therapy, sector demarcations, and intrinsic material choices, it is possible to attain a harmonious integration of the kitchen design with the broader household etiquette in accordance with the principles of Vastu. Integrating Vastu and kitchen aesthetics can lead to a visually pleasing space that complements the overall architectural harmony of the kitchen in a home. The improved aesthetics provide an added sense of positivity for individuals who frequently utilise the kitchen area.

Size Matters: Kitchen Size as Per Vastu

Similar to real estate, Vastu places considerable emphasis on the importance of kitchen dimensions to optimise both space and appliances like stoves, sinks, etc. Considering the number of appliances that require space, such as the refrigerator and cooking countertops, Vastu establishes optimal kitchen dimensions of 10×10 feet for effective design. Additionally, a customised kitchen dimension facilitates storage accessibility and cleansing.

Modern Kitchen Design in Harmony with Tradition

Vastu Shastra permits the integration of traditional and contemporary modular elements to create a multifunctional and adaptable kitchen space. Modern kitchen Vastu layout principles prioritise furniture and storage areas’ adaptability and navigational capabilities over their permanent nature. Personalising storage areas for equipment, supplies, and utensils is easier. In this vibrant yet inviting cooking space, the amalgamation thus draws people together.

Kitchen Essential Parts Placement as per Vastu

For optimal energy transmission, every element and placement within the space is important when designing a kitchen as per Vastu. Consider the following kitchen position as per Vastu:

Kitchen Placement

According to Vastu of the kitchen, positioning the kitchen in the southeast direction of the home symbolises the element of fire and promotes energy while cooking. Moreover, according to the Vastu of the kitchen, a kitchen in the northwest direction vastu or west direction can also attract beneficial energetic vibrations. However, the kitchen southwest vastu or northeast should be avoided.

Gas Cylinder and Stove Placement

According to the gas stove direction as per Vastu, the gas cylinder and stove should be positioned closest to the southeast kitchen face as per Vastu, also known as the agnikone direction. Ensure that the direction of the cooking stove is east-west for balance. Avoid any combustible material near the stove.


Vastu recommends the East, North, or kitchen in the west direction as favourable directions for kitchen entry gates to bring good fortune. Doors should not be placed near corners.

Cook’s Placement

The cook should face East direction in Vastu’s kitchen while cooking for positivity. Face east to improve concentration and productivity.

Sink Placement

For the kitchen sink and stove, Vastu recommends positioning the sink and water storage in the northeast quadrant, which is the direction of the water element. For harmony, ensure that water flows northeast in the sink. Also, keep the kitchen sink vastu diagonal to the cooking stove.

Kitchen sink in vastu directionDrinking Water

According to Vastu, place the filter and drinking water close to the Northeast kitchen zone, which symbolises purity and refreshment.

Dining Room Placement

To create a sense of unity, Vastu suggests integrating the dining area and kitchen or situating them in the southeast, northeast, or Vastu for the northwest kitchen. Western dining can enable prosperity.

Direction of kitchen as per vastuKitchen on the Ground Floor

For stability, safety, and easier movement when carrying food uphill, construct the kitchen only on the ground floor in accordance with Vastu.

Electrical Appliances Vastu

Maintain electrical gadgets such as the fridge, microwave, and radiator in the kitchen zone to the southeast, which corresponds to fire and electronics.


Vastu dictates that windows be placed on the East kitchen walls to allow cross ventilation and bright morning sunlight. An exhaust fan over the stove is recommended.


According to Vastu, marble, tiles, or stone are natural, insulating, and low-maintenance options for kitchen flooring. Avoid synthetic materials and carpets.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen: Do’s and Don’ts

Aligning the kitchen as per vastu shastra principles is key for an auspicious cooking space. Here are some vital Vastu tips for kitchen space.

Ideal Kitchen Direction

The southeast direction is the most recommended kitchen location as per Vastu, for placing the kitchen in the home as it channels positive fire element energy. If unavailable, northwest or west zones are acceptable. Strictly avoid north, northeast or southwest kitchen directions.

Avoid Kitchen Near Prayer Room

Do not construct a kitchen underneath or above the pooja space as per Vastu, as this distorts serene energies in both areas. Maintain some distance between them.

Kitchen, not Near Bedrooms

As per Vastu’s tips for the kitchen, do not locate bedrooms above or adjacent to the cooking area. This contradicts their purposes and affects health.

No Kitchen at the Entrance

Avoid placing kitchens and stoves in front of the main entry gates as there are Vastu defects. This impacts prosperity and obstructs entry.

Corner Doors Inauspicious

Vastu for the kitchen suggests avoiding doors at corners. Locate entrance gates on the East, West or North walls for optimal access.

Vastu Remedies for Northeast Kitchen

As per Vastu Shastra’s tips for kitchens, the northeast kitchen should strongly be avoided, though remedies like hanging a crystal grid can counter ill effects.

Rectify Southwest Kitchen

The southwest kitchen direction risks relationships. Place a salted water pot and install Saunf wood here as remedies.

Realign Northwest Kitchen

The northwest kitchen zone may drain finances, as per Vastu for the kitchen. Another important kitchen vastu tip is to place a lemon and sugar dish here post-cooking session.

Kitchen in North direction

Never locate the kitchen in the north zone, warns Vastu for Kitchen, as it may lead to excessive expenditure. Hang a garlic wreath at the entrance as a remedy.

Ideal Facing Position For Cooking

Another vital Vastu tip for the kitchen is for the cook to avoid facing south while cooking to prevent health issues. Always face east or west.

Auspicious Kitchen Colors

Choose lighter shade interiors for kitchen Vastu compliance. Strictly avoid dark colours, especially black, warns Vastu Shastra colour tips.

Refrigerator Direction

As per Vastu, do not place the fridge in the northeast kitchen direction. Locate them in the south or west zones for longevity.

Bottom Line

Designing kitchen space with vastu compliance can be challenging. Hence, it is highly recommended to consult leading Turnkey Interior solution providers and building contractors like AsmitA India Reality. Their projects integrate Vaastu-based architectural services, ensuring every kitchen is optimally located in the right direction by placing stoves, storage cabinets and fixtures for positive cooking energy flows. With expertise in delivering vastu-aligned modern kitchen models equipped with the latest technologies across residential and commercial projects, AsmitA India Reality builds functionally efficient and aesthetically stunning kitchen spaces. By considering kitchen Vastu principles in their construction projects through placement strategies guided by Vastu consultants, AsmitA India Reality ensures augmented prosperity, health, cordial relationships and savings – everything an ideal Vastu and kitchen stands for.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I correct vastu defects in my existing kitchen?

There are several Vastu remedies you can adopt to correct minor defects in your kitchen – placing a crystal grid to counter the ill effects of the northeast kitchen, installing a Saunf wood and saltwater pot for the southwest kitchen, hanging a garlic wreath for the north kitchen and lemon-sugar dish for the northwest kitchen. You can also change the facing direction of the cook and stove to improve vastu compliance.

What is the best Vastu-recommended material for kitchen flooring?

Vastu suggests natural flooring materials like marble, tiles, stone or mosaic for easy cleaning and maintaining positive energy flow. Avoid carpets or synthetic materials. Anti-skid tiles with heat resistance work well near cooking areas.

Should the dining room be next to the kitchen as per Vastu?

Vastu recommends integrating the dining room with the kitchen or placing it adjacent to it in southeast, northeast or northwest directions to promote togetherness during meals. You can also locate dining in the west kitchen zone to encourage prosperity through food.

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