Mirror Vastu Direction: Your Home’s Secret to Positive Vibes

  • December 13, 2023

Vastu Shastra says that the northeast direction of mirrors invites the God of wealth in your home. Vastu Shastra for mirrors tackles with negative energy like a pro. Since the changes are not structural, you can easily incorporate them even during the most surface-level renovations. All you have to do is stock up elegant mirrors and nail the placements right. Mirror placement, as per Vastu, leans towards north and east directions. It forbids mirrors facing western and southern directions, writing it off as ominous.

Mirror Vastu Direction

Mirror vastu, when instilled correctly, brings boundless benefits to your life and home in general. In this article, catch up on the upsides of following mirror Vastu, placement tips, and more.

Vastu Mirror Direction to Get Positive Vibes

In Vastu Shastra for mirrors, the direction and placement of mirrors determines which type of mirror is best in which direction. Each one of the four—North, South, East, and West—represents different elements. When these elements find themselves in a crisscross, it becomes a problem.

  • Mirror Placement, as per Vastu, in North

The Vastu for mirror directions of North, North-West, and North-East stand for water elements. Setting up wave-shaped, oval, or rectangular mirrors in these spaces brings good luck. This is not the ideal place for shapes like triangles or squares. Something traditional will do a job as well as any.

  • Mirror Placement, as per Vastu, in South

The South Vastu for mirror direction symbolises the element of fire. Since water (North) and fire (South) are contradicting zones, they do not complement each other. Prevent them from cancelling out each other’s perks with planned arrangements. Placing a rectangular mirror encased in a brass frame actively reduces the negative effects.

  • Vastu for mirror directionsMirror Placement, as per Vastu, in East

The east mirror direction, as per Vastu, represents the air element. It does not conflict with other directions. The ideal types of mirrors you can choose in the East are rectangular and wave-shaped. Other mirrors may not be as efficient as these.

  • Mirror Placement, as per Vastu, in West

The west mirror position, as per Vastu, signifies the space element. Here, basic round-shaped or square mirrors are recommended. Other shapes may disturb the peace and harmony in your home.

Why You Need Vastu Mirror Direction

Now that you’re all caught up with Vastu for mirror directions to avoid and embrace let’s quickly go through the perks of befriending mirror vastu shastra:

  • Manifests Cash Flow

You may notice jewellery stores embedded with multiple mirrors. Why is that so? Mirror placement, as per Vastu, reflecting cash counters doubles the money effect. What’s more, jewellery pieces on display cases also reflect off the mirrors. Customers and visitors enter with the illusion of a vast collection.

  • Eliminates Negative Energy

Mirror direction, as per Vastu, is believed to erase negative energy. Mirrors absorb the negativity of a place and replace it with pleasant vibes. It creates a welcoming atmosphere in homes and offices. This leads to better health, prosperity, relations, and work efficiency.

  • Offers Visual Extension

A quick hack to elevate your home vastu is to tweak the corners and cuts. Vastu’s advice suggests preventing cuts in specific directions. Placing mirrors in these corners eliminates this issue. It creates a believable illusion of visual extension in your space. Furthermore, it is also a designer-friendly choice to beautify corners.

  • Amplifies Positive Vibes

The mirror position, as per Vastu, faces the sunlight. It flourishes your home with positivity and soothing vibes. Owing to mirrors’ reflective qualities magnify positive vibes. Interior designers agree with the photogenic ambience formed by the vastu mirror direction.

  • Leverages Spaciousness

If you want to draft a spacious illusion in a small room, the mirror position, as per Vastu, will take care of it. Large mirrors in small spaces entrance the accommodators into thinking it is moderate-sized. It adds aesthetic value to the space and gives an experience similar to larger spaces.

Right Size and Shape of Mirror As per Vastu

Now that you’re attuned to the benefits of Vastu and mirrors, let’s dive into the different shapes and sizes they come in. You can place these in the living room, bedrooms, kitchens, foyers, gardens, and bathrooms. Brace yourself to be swept away with the following magnificent forms of Vastu mirrors:


  • Oval-shaped

The oval-shaped or round shape of the mirrors creates a low-key calming ambience. You can add LED strips to the borders for a halo effect. Placing them in rooms with minimal lights or directly opposite windows are great options. You can even attach them to the walls for a classy touch.

  • Vastu mirror directionRectangular Elegance

Because rectangular mirrors strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern layouts, interior designers gravitate towards them. If you want to sharpen the atmosphere of a room, placing mirrors in bathrooms, hallways, or living rooms is recommended.


  • Vintage Brass Frames

Solid brass mirror Vastu frames contribute to an unmatched atmosphere. The subtle highlights refine a room and bounce light beams off the surface. If you’re into rusty designs, this is an economical alternative to expensive options.

Mirror Vastu

  • Slick or Thick Frames

Thick mirror frames offer heightened stability as compared to those with slick frames. On the other hand, thinner frames look aesthetic. Preferences differ from person to person. Those who intend to create a bold look can go for a ¼-inch-thick mirror complete with a hefty frame.


  • Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors are bent outwards. As per Vastu Mirror, it can drive away the negative energy that comes your way. Since convex mirrors expel negativity, they are the kinds of mirrors you can set up near doors and windows. It is safe and will rid your home of evil.

  • Concave Mirrors

Concave mirrors are bent inwards. They swallow the negativity in a space and neutralise the atmosphere significantly. Designers and homeowners prefer these over convex mirrors as they absorb negative energy instead of bouncing it back on neighbours.

Mirror Placement at Entrance as per Vastu

Vastu mirrors are against placing them directly at the entrance. It must be avoided to keep negativity at bay. Since mirrors are believed to reflect positive vibes, facing them at the entrance implies bidding positivity goodbye. No one wants that, especially Vastu believers. 

Fortunately, there is a way to get around this vastu principle without disobeying it. You can utilise your balcony and lobby space with mirrors. Set it up where a nature-friendly view can reflect upon it. Another reason this is a better idea than plain mirrors around the entrance is the natural light it bounces into the living room.

Vastu mirror entrance could lead to the following:

  1. Ever had the ominous feeling that something isn’t right even though you can’t point out what exactly? That’s the kind of reaction Vastu mirror entrance would evoke.
  2. Half-hearted energy and forced conversations.
  3. Since the mirror reflects the negative vibes from outside, it fosters a negative ambience.
  4. Your guests may be uncomfortable from seeing their tired reflections after a long journey.

Instead, do this:

  1. If you have a plethora of live plants on your balcony, mirror placement, as per Vastu, should reflect it
  2. Install mirror-fronted main doors 
  3. Placing mirrors atop the console table near the entryway adds aesthetic value.

Designers sympathise with fans of mirrors and recommend positioning them where the view is refreshing. It soaks the positive vibes from happy sceneries like that of nature and warm sunlight and redirects it to your home. Vastu Mirror favours this over entrance mirrors.

Vastu Tips for Placing Mirror in Bedroom

Ideally, mirror Vastu suggests master bedrooms facing the south or south-western directions. It can be traced to the earth’s element predominance. Since a mirror falls under the water element, it conflicts with the integral vastu for bedroom mirrors.

Don’t you deflate, though? Here’s a quick fix to handle this dilemma with flair. Mirror enthusiasts can install mirrors within walk-in closets or add blinds where it is placed. Mirror placement, as per Vastu, asks you to avoid the following at all costs:

  1. Your vanity mirror should not reflect the bed. It creates unrest in the person the bedroom belongs to.
  2. Vastu for bedroom mirrors on the false ceiling also disrupts your sleeping cycle.
  3. Vastu for bedroom mirrors on the headrest are uncomfortable and make the person sleeping on the best conscious.
  4. Antique, rusted, and broken mirrors should be avoided, especially in the bedroom.

Instead, do this:

  1. Stick to the safe option of northern and eastern wall mirrors in the bedroom.
  2. Unlike other spaces in the home, bedroom mirrors should not reflect sunlight streaming in from the window.
  3. Closet mirror Vastu doors are a go-to option unless they are opposite the window.
  4. Place a large mirror here, preferably rectangular.

Vastu for bedroom mirrors favours rectangular mirrors. Oval-shaped and circular ones, although attractive, disturb your peace. In all its simplicity, rectangular mirrors are the sound choice for bedrooms. Its clean edges and symmetrical form draw positivity.

Vastu Tips for Placing Mirror in Living Room

Usually, the entrance of homes leads to the living room, especially in apartments. Supposing this is the case, placing mirrors at the entrance is a no-go. Rather, you can come up with creative ways to incorporate your favourite aesthetic device in your space. Vastu mirror in the living room becomes a problem if:

  1. It faces the main door
  2. It reflects demotivating sights like city traffic, towering buildings, construction sites, or garbage areas

If any of the above sounds like a probable issue to you, you should consider mirroring Vastu’s living room in the following ways:

  1. Install mirrors on the north or east walls at an appealing angle from the window to allow abundant flow of light in
  2. Add it opposite to the direction of the window so a blissful view fills the living room.
  3. Placing mirrors to reflect the dining table creates prosperity and wealth. It is believed to amplify familial love when the whole family eats together.

Wall mirror Vastu bodes best with the living room. It saves space for furniture and functional pieces. You can create a bold assortment of little mirrors to make a styling statement. Moreover, huge mirrors over mantle pieces are a unique choice.

Vastu for Mirror in Dressing Table

Dressing tables are a contemporary component of spaces. Vastu direction warns mirrors from facing east or north. Instead, they should be set up in the North East direction to attract good health and positive energy. Avoid the following don’ts experts suggest:

  1. Mirror position in bedrooms as per Vastu advises that dressing table mirrors should not face the bed
  2. Do not install dressing table mirrors in the south or west directions

Wall-mounted Vastu mirrors are a space-friendly pick. It creates more storage for cabinets and drawers to safely keep your personal belongings. If you want to lean towards more sophisticated alternatives, standing mirrors and full-length ones would be the way to go. For a clean look, use minimal counter space and add personal touches.

Mirror Vastu Tips For Bathrooms

Vastu mirror direction in the bathrooms is advised to be set up on the northern and eastern walls. Please note that the bathroom must be well-lit. Otherwise, it creates a gloomy atmosphere that’s not fun to live in. As per Vastu:

  1. Placing mirrors exactly against the door can offer poor lighting.
  2. Do not place the mirror opposite to the toilet; it fosters negative vibes
  3. Rectangular mirrors are not the best choice for bathrooms.
  4. Sticking notes and other things can ruin the lustre of the mirror Vastu.

Instead, Vastu Shastra for mirrors recommends doing this:

  1. Strategise the suitable set-up of a full-length mirror.
  2. The recommended shape of the mirror is oval.

Mirror Placement As Per VastuBathrooms flourish with mirrors. Interior designers take notes from Vastu Shastra for mirrors to strike a balance between style and positivity. Go with a darker shade of border and bathroom equipment to avoid frequent clean-up sessions. It offers your bathroom the chic look you intended.

Summing Up

Now that you’re equipped with all the knowledge of Vastu Shastra for mirrors, you can tackle any vastu issue in your home like a pro. Ignoring direction guidelines can expose your home to vast defects. If you’re relocating to a new space or renovating an existing one, considering mirror placement as per Vastu should top your to-do list. A trusted builder such as AsmitA India Reality can help you build your dream home that also follows all Vastu rules.

Once you enter a particularly positive household, you can spot the difference in the vibe. Naturally, you feel good, safe, and relaxed. Mirror direction, as per Vastu, helps you create a positive ambience and free your home of ominous vibes. Incorporate the placement of mirrors in your redesigning plans and watch the mirror vastu magic work itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do the Vastu Shastra rules say?

Vastu shastra for mirrors defines the ideal placement to be on eastern and northern walls. The mirrors should be mounted 4 to 5 feet above ground level.

  • What is the relation between energy and mirrors?

Vastu mirror direction links energy flow with placement. Mirrors define the energy that flows through your house, hence making it easier to manipulate to boost its positive effects.

  • Should you place mirrors facing each other?

Mirror placement, as per Vastu, prohibits mirrors from facing each other. It is believed to drive away positivity and welcome omens into your home.

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By asmitarealty
By asmitarealty

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