Vastu Tips: Moving Into A New Home? Follow These Vastu Dos And Don’ts

  • January 18, 2023

“Is the house set according to vastu?”

This is a question many homeowners get from people around them. Vastu, as you know, is not just a random belief. Vastu means ‘Home,’ and Shastra means ‘Knowledge.’ Vastu Shastra is popular not only in India but across the world. 

Vastu Shastra deals with the energy flowing from all four directions. The idea behind Vastu is to give the house an immediate boost of positive energy.

why is vastu important

Why is Vastu important? 

The fast-paced modern life welcomes back the ancient beliefs of Vastu shastra because of their effectiveness. It is based on scientific facts about how different Vastu factors affect the environment of your house.

Don’t we all need positivity? Here are some dos and don’ts you should follow as per Vastu Shastra. 

1) Vastu tips for house entrance:


The house’s entrance is considered the gateway for the Gods to enter; hence, an east-facing home is considered the most auspicious. If your home is not east-facing, we suggest keeping each room clean and having proper ventilation. 

do vastu really works


It is always advisable never to keep the entrance of the house empty or dark. The entrance of any place sets the mood for the entire home, and a dull or dark hallway doesn’t attract positive energies.


2) Vastu tips for kitchen:


The best memories revolve around family and food, and the kitchen is the place where both of them come together.

Therefore, Vastu advises having a substantial distance between the stove and sink. Now you wonder if this is true, but we’ve got something scientific here! Fire and water are opposite properties; hence, having them with their powers in one place is not feasible.


Vastu shastra strongly believes in not wasting food or water. The basic rule of Vastu suggests that there should be no leaking tap in the house. The science behind it says that a leaking tap gives an image of being ungrateful for our resources and hence takes away the abundance of our house.


3) Vastu tips for room:


The bedroom is where you rest, so your sleep and health depend on it. For a bedroom, one must keep all the valuables in the north direction because it is believed that Lord Kuber resides in that direction; hence, you’ll always have your pockets full.

vastu tips pooja room


Mirror has the quality to show you things as it is. However, as per Vastu, it is advised to never sleep in front of the mirror because it can not only aggravate your current health concerns because of its reflecting quality but also portray your problems to the other person sharing the room with you. 

Is this a considerable concern? Don’t worry; have your mirrors covered and not in front of the bed.


4) Vastu tips for pooja room:


Colours play an essential role in lighting up any space, so white, blue, and yellow are considered auspicious for a pooja room.


Every pooja room has many deities and idols. However, as per Vastu shastra, it is advised not to place any idols or gods toward the north. Also, it is recommended to avoid placing a dustbin near the pooja room.


What Vastu-related things should you keep at home?

Vastu items for home decor are a great way to add positivity and life to any place. It is a pathway to ease things in your life. From health concerns to financial issues, the Vastu shastra has a solution. Here are a few items you can keep in your house to attract positive energy.

  • A tortoise sculpture or metal tortoise in water brings good luck.
  • Peacock feathers bring positivity to the house.
  • Shree Yantra chakra for financial problems.
  • Place flowers in different corners for a positive environment.
  • Attract wealth with the Arowana statue.

Looking to boost peace and harmony at home? Check this out!

for wealth vastu tips

Before we say a final goodbye!

Our ancestors have written Vedas and scriptures like Vastu shastra keeping in mind all aspects; hence, the Vastu shastra is brimming only with benefits.

Inculcate these small changes in your house, and let us know in the comment section if they have helped you bring a positive vibe to your home.

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