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We’re a 35-year-old Mumbai-based real estate company. A perfect place with some exciting job openings in Mumbai and endless opportunities to take your career to the next level. AsmitA India Limited is always looking forward to getting passionate, hard-working, self-motivated individuals to become a part of the growing family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smart changes begin with a question. What’s yours?

Not exactly; you don’t need to have a real estate background to work with AsmitA India Realty unless it is a specific position that requires real estate/construction experience. Example – Site Engineer, Building Inspector, Leasing Consultant, etc.

We don’t offer internships as of now. However, we have set procedures to hire graduates depending on their interview assessment.

Yes, please apply to the role(s) that align with your interests and skillset. You will be evaluated against the requirements for each position and may interview for different roles simultaneously.

Follow all our social media handles to stay updated with job openings, especially LinkedIn. You may even consider checking our website from time to time.

There is a tremendous opportunity for growth at Asmita. The Group operates within transparent HR policies and procedures with a well-defined performance measurement system. In addition, the company follows a well-defined career plan model for all Employees, offering exposure to different industry sectors like Real Estate/ FMCG/Retail/Education/Healthcare.

The AsmitA work culture is both social and interactive; there’s always an ultimate goal of high performance. The organization identifies every one of its employees as an achiever who will make a difference. However, there is a strong emphasis on networking, teamwork and sharing knowledge with others to ensure that we work better.

We appreciate honesty, hardworking, smartness, self-motivation and any qualified candidate who can handle challenges in a positive spirit. In addition, we look for individuals with a strong desire to learn, willingness to work hard, rock-solid skills and a desire to excel.

Yes! We encourage you to apply for any role you are interested in pursuing. However, we would like you to check the qualifications section of the job to make sure your experience and skills match what we’re looking for.

The group is fully aware of its obligations when it comes to the safety of its workers at its various Project sites. Therefore, all the safety procedures are in place and are strictly adhered to by every employee to avoid unwanted incidents. Furthermore, training is imparted to employees to make them aware of the safety procedures that need to be followed while working.

It all depends on your interests and goals. For example, some people stay at McKinsey and eventually become Senior Managers or heads of their respective departments. Similarly, you can choose to be at AsmitA as long as you want to achieve personal goals, such as learning about particular industries or working in different business sectors. AsmitA provides enough options to help you expand your skills and grow your network of contacts.

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